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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Japanese buffet

Yummy yummy.
Last night went to Syuen hotel and have Japanese Buffet as dinner with my family.
That was actually the second time I went there but I don't mind to have third time and fourth time. =p
Because Japanese food just wouldn't let me feel bored so easily.

Me and sweetie sis camwhore in the restroom. XP
This is a MUST activity in each time outing.

Camwhore again. I am actually wearing a hairband in black color with a black flower on it. But it seem not obvious at all. Doinkk.

Sashimi !!!!! Left view.

Aha. Right view. I love salmon. xoxo

Coconut drink.

My first round. See the cheese baked scallop? I ate effing much last night. And sure, I ate alot of salmon with my favourite wasabi too.

Second round. Salmon with some salads. Balance diet!! LOL

A mini steamboat.

Salmon again. =D

Took a picture of mummy when she busy walk here walk there take food.

I don't know what this call. But it really nice and worth to try.


Beef teppanyaki. Taste good. And I love beef. =)

Mixed Tempura.

Ya. Anyone like oyster? Here provide cheese baked oyster and also fresh one.
Anyway I still don't dare to try it YET. It smell weird. >.<

This picture is abit blur and actually this is a Japanese style pizze. Octopus Pizza. LOL!
It taste spicy and the topping are octopus and pineapple. =)

Well. This is a tuna pizza. I love the pineapple topping.

Various type of cake to let you choose.

This refrigerator is full of colourful and finger-licking pudding. I felt so excited even though I am just looking at it each time I passed by this area. Aha. All girls love dessert. Right?
So sad that I don't get the chance to try it because I am too full.

My uncle, pretty auntie and sweetie cousin.

My family gathering. xoxo.Can you count how many coconuts on the table? My youngest aunt drink 5 on her own. Claps!!

Mummy and daddy.

Before I leave, drink a cup of warm honey green tea to help me digest the food. Aha.

Actually there are still lot of food there such as western food like fried mee and fried rice, chinese food like dim sum and etc.
Go and have a try if you are a Japanese food lover.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birthday Party

Daddy brought us to a birthday party just now because his friend's baby son is celebrating his 2years old birthday tonight.
So sad that I don't get the chance to take picture with that little boy as he is too hyperactive. =(
He run all the way up and down in his house with all his little friends. How cute !!
Happy Birthday to him. =)

Miiii =)


Desert of the night.

Every kid get a packet of party stuff with all the party cap,balloon etc in the party.
For sure, me and my sista don't get it as we look OLD. Aha!
We then beg our brother to give all to us for the purpose of camwhore. LOL

Spider man party cap. Kids' idol.

Spiderman party cap on my head.

While 3 of us playing along the road. Sis blowing hard~ LOL

So do I . Blowing~ I love bubbles.

Birthday cake with a baby Mickey on it. Love it. <3

Alright, just a random update about my life.
Off to bed soon.
Good night the world.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Craving for this :)))

Oh ya.I wish to get a DSLR seriously.
That day went to a shop to look for a DSLR and the salesgirl promote this model to me.
Nikon D5000.
As I am not a professional photographer, what I need is just a easy-to-use DSLR with all the basic functions.
Is there anyone had bought this model?
I need some feedback to decide whether should I buy it because the price of this camera is slightly higher than my budget and it is much more heavier than I expected. >.<
Any other suggestion for model which is easy to use and light?
It will be better if the price is under RM2000. =D

Off to study.
Happy Friday ~ Whee~

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Monday, September 20, 2010


会否有一个人,敢对我说, 他牵起了我的手就从此不会再放手?







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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family day ~

My attire today =) Having breakfast with my dear family.Xoxo

Everyone, tomorrow is a school day =((((
I don't feel like going school somehow.
Final countdown to STPM, we left around 9 weeks.
Ya! 9 weeks!
Gosh! I wonder could I finish memorise all the thing and vomit it out during the exam??!!
Hope so. =/
Today whole day family day.Whee~
Enjoyed it so much.

Today finally get to try this.
台湾小吃 =)
I order this. =)))

The staff busy preparing the food. He fried around 20 piece of chicken within 10 minutes time.
Clap hand !!

My lunch today. Soya bean and potatoes. Yummy yummy.
Although this is a weird match. LOL

Had dinner with my uncle who came back from China just now.
He brought back a lot of mooncake.
Stay tune for the pictures. =)

Took her picture just now while waiting for food to come.

me =)

Mooncake festival fall on this coming wednesday.
Took down some pictures when I was in parade as there was a lantern competition held there.
What can I say?
Those lanterns which sent to take part in the competiton are just so creative and cool.
Have a look.

Can you imagine this is made by a standard 5 student? Bravo.

Is this panda bear lantern cute? LOL

Like this lantern because of that 2 peacocks.

A golden dragon lantern that made of aluminium cans.Cool.

A traditional dragon boat.

This is a creative lantern. All the frogs actually can move. =)

There are actually lots more lanterns there.
Feel free to go and have a look yourself.

Time to sleep as tomorrow need to wake up early.
Good night the world. =D

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Lovely? Scary?

Anyone want kiss kiss? LOL

Went school this morning with a effing tired look because I experienced Insomnia last night.
I can hardly remember I slept around 3 in the morning with dried up tears. Phew~
Anyway just forget about it. I am fine now. So fine. >.<
I know what I want and I know what I need.

Sad endings begin every new romance.

I am waiting for it.

Just back from pasar malam.
Whee~ Feel so full now.
Tummy seem turn bigger. =(
But who cares? Those food are so finger-licking and I can't forgive myself if I say NO to them. =D
Let me become Fei Po laaaa~~
Use this black mask just now which I bought from Kose.

Only apply to certain part of my face. =) I just need to tear it off after 20 minutes.

Look scary?
Well~ This is a process to become more lovely. Xoxo
Nitez everyone.
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