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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rico A Mona Bridal - My Wedding Journey

I've been super busy lately trying to arrange thing for my wedding, cope with my work and fit my time into my fitness schedule. I feel tiring but excited at the same time meeting all wonderful people to discuss big and small details of my wedding. Recently, Mr. Xiao starts complaining about all those "never-ending appointments" that I arranged for us. Oops haha. As a 2017 BTB, I feel like I don't have enough time to settle everything. Is that only me or all the brides out there feel the same? I constantly thinking how to make my wedding day better and sometimes I got frustrated over tiny stuff. Boyfriend said I should chill. Haha. Okay maybe I should. :D

For me, I don't really care about the pre-wedding photoshoot. When I say I don't care doesn't mean I am okay with shitty quality photos, just that I don't really want to spend a lot of money on this. Decent photo of us in our wedding attire will be good enough. What's important for me is the actual day wedding gown. Since I know what I want, we crossed out the option to take our pre-wedding photo at oversea and focus on searching "The one".

I browsed through a lot of bridal shops website online and I realized that I actually prefer some simple and elegant wedding gown designs. Those wedding gowns which look too cute or girlish are definitely a big no no for me. I love Rico's gowns cause all their gowns are simple with delicate design. It's love at first sight. Haha.

We always think bridal shop can wait and we are not in hurry to sign up one. With our past experience at those bridal fair, (hard-sell staffs that refused to let us leave) we don't really have good impression when come to engage bridal service. But we always know it is something that we need to do, cannot be I wear casual dress on my wedding right. Haha. Just nice Rico offered 400 sgd discount recently, we decided to book an appointment with them. Like finally. 10 months before my wedding.

Thank god, Shin Yee who assisted me made me feel at ease. When we first stepped in, she asked me whether I would like to try on some of their gowns to see if the gowns fit me. If I am keen, then only we proceed to discuss about services that they offered. My gosh, of course I said Yesss! Haha a bit too desperate. That was my first time wearing wedding gown in my life! So memorable.

When I stepped out of the fitting room, I saw Mr.Xiao was impressed. *wink*
This is important leh. If first wedding gown looks ugly and fail to surprise your husband-to-be, like not that good. Haha. Luckily I passed! Shin Yee let me tried four to five wedding gowns that day even though I never request for it. She waited for me patiently when I changed from one gown to another and non-stop recommended me some other gown designs to try on if I keen. No photo is allowed though.

I gotta say, I really really really love their gowns!

Shin Yee then went through the bridal package with us. What I like the most is she is very flexible and willing to change some of the items in the package to other stuff that we need. Cause I am having two wedding banquet, one in Malaysia and one in Singapore. I will need two additional gowns for my wedding banquet in Malaysia. She was willing to rent two additional gowns(different design) to me at super low price if I sign the package with her and I am so happy about the offer. :D

Of course, closed deal. :)

That's all for my experience with Rico at this moment. Will share more after my gown fitting session probably in September or October.

Drop me a comment if you want to know more about my bridal package as I believe all brides will have their own customized bridal package, it's not very nice to post it here. Cheers. :D

Finally got married! haha. Click here for more updates of my wedding journey and Rico Part 2!

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