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Sunday, May 10, 2015


Hello Monday. Should be doing my Final Year Project's presentation slide shows now instead of blogging, but recently I have the mood to blog. So, whenever I feel like blogging, I blog. That's it. Simple! Boyfriend always said Life's Simple, which I agree. We do not need much in order to survive, we just need air, water, food and Love. Just bear in mind that the most precious thing on Earth cannot be bought. ;)

So far, life's good except that I still have one FYP oral presentation awaiting on this coming Wednesday. It is indeed stressful whenever I think of the scene of me questioned by two knowledgeable Professors after I done my presentation and what worse is that I don't know how to answer their questions. Well, I can only pray that they won't give me a very bad grade. Anyway, I am going to graduate this year no matter what grade they give me. So, it doesn't really matter I guess. Can't wait for Wednesday to come which I can unofficially declared graduate. =D

Yesterday was Mother's Day. Unable to celebrate together with my pretty mama and both gorgeous grandma but I promise, I will be there during Father's Day. Baba you're so lucky! I love you lotss! Flying to Taiwan this weekend with my beloved course mates to celebrate our graduation. This is gonna be my first time in Taiwan and I am already mentally prepared myself to get FAT during the 2 weeks vacation. Eat as much as I can then workout after I back from Taiwan. It's time to lose some weight. I want to be in shape to wear my bikini end of June. It's hard though. It's hard. Sigh.

I think as I grow older, my metabolism rate drops. This is the only reason I can think of each time I weigh myself. You will be amazed if you know what's my weight now cause my current weight has reached a shocking number. The portion of meal I eat still the same as last time but how come last time never gain weight, now I gain weight like crazy. I think exercise is the only way out. I need to boost my metabolism rate to slim down. But you know what, I hate jogging so freaking much! I feel a little bit depressed each time I look into the mirror nowadays to be honest. :/

Well I believe as long as I willing to start exercise, everything can be back on track sooner or later. I hope. *pray hard* How good if I am that kind of girl who won't gain weight no matter how much food I stuff into my mouth. But again, I believe no one is perfect. Give and take lor. Maybe I jealous of you because you have very hot body figure but you jealous of me cause of something else that I have but you don't have? That's possible, right? Maybe you actually want to have a belly so much but couldn't get it? Or actually you think flabby arms is the trend now? Haha just kididng. LOL

Back to my graduation trip, I actually feel like blog about Taiwan every night before I sleep during my vacation. Sounds crazy? LOL. Can't wait. I hope it will be a nice and enjoyable trip. That's all for today. Should continue to do my powerpoints now!



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Friday, May 8, 2015






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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hong Kong Part 2: Central + Mong Kok + Macau

After so long I'm finally here blogging about part 2 of my Hong Kong trip. I hope I still remember the details. lol. I know I know. It had been so many months. All I can say is...Year 4 life is crazy. In the past few months, basically my life was filled with assignments, final year projects and quizzes which thus, made me want to graduate as soon as possible! Dream comes true soon. Haha. Well, let's back to my Hong Kong trip.

-Continue from Part 1-

Since we stayed just few minutes away from Jenny cookies bakery, we put all the cookies back to our apartment first before we headed out again to Central. 香港中环。

We were just wandered around Central for the whole morning. I have to say that it is actually quite fun to wander around in a strange town. In a foreign country. Everything over here looks interesting to us, including the road signboard in both Cantonese and English.

Anyway, looking at this photo, it reminds me of the freezing feeling when I stepped out of the apartment that day in early morning. My legs felt so cold. I was kinda regret that I chose to wear leggings instead of pants. lol

Thank you photographer. We look fine here.

Then we went to search for the 怀旧星巴克冰室 which located at Central as well. This unique Starbucks coffee stores is decorated like an old Hong Kong style coffee shop. A perfect place for photo taking!


Tables and chairs are exactly duplicate, including the decoration on walls.
Even bird cages are spotted inside this unique Starbucks store. Cute max. 

Vintage poster.

Look at the tiles. Old Hong Kong hor?
Anyway...My old house has the same tiles also. 

Our Starbucks beverage and coffee egg tart.

If you notice, the names of Starbucks beverages all written in Chinese and pasted on the pillar behind me.

So atmosphere. 

Menu on another wall.

Us. With our tour guide of the day. 

 Act 一个


After that we went to IFC mall nearby to do some shopping.  Bought a lot of souvenirs from this famous cookies shop called 奇华饼家 to bring back Singapore. 

Me myself love the 老婆饼 from their shop so much. I can actually finish one whole box by myself within few days. #fattening

Wanted to buy some for my family in Ipoh too but too bad I can't cause most of their cookies can't last long. The expiry dates are all very near to date of purchase in order to maintain freshness. No choice I can't buy back Ipoh. Perhaps next time. =)

Bought some of their cute panda cookies as well cause this can keep longer compare to the 老婆饼. 
So as a reminder, do remember to check the expiry date before you purchase any cookies. =)

Walked pass the famous macarons shop Pierre Hermé and we were tempted to give it a try. Always heard about this shop from friends who study abroad but never have chance to taste their macaron. Since there isn't any branch open in Malaysia and Singapore yet, how can we missed it now in Hong Kong.

Their macaron seriously tastes awesome, with a lot of unique flavour that I don't find in other shops. Price not that awesome though haha.

This small box costs us 220 HKD. Which is around 40sgd. 

The good thing about staying near town is that we can always travel back our apartment just to put down some stuff that we bought, then travel out again. Lol. Back to central 中环 again at night to hunt for nice food. Kah Yann said she wanna try the 燒臘 as it's one of the famous Hong Kong local food so I brought her to 鏞記酒家 that I went during my last Hong Kong trip. It's located at a street super near to Lan Kwai Fong and it is famous of 燒臘.


Hong Kong's style Fried Rice

But to be honest the food in this restaurant is quite pricey. We ordered one fried rice and two dishes and the dinner costs us 700 HKD. Which is like 120sgd. So maybe you will like to search for other restaurants that famous of 燒臘 and skip this one if you are on tight budget. But this restaurant is really worth trying. =D

After dinner we went to Lan Kwai Fong to have a look. Didn't grab any drink because both of us are not alcoholic person. Since the night is still young, we train to Mongkok 旺角 and see what we can do there.

Mongkok is a place that always full of people even at late night. 越夜越精彩

We wanted to get a foot massage so we wandered around Mong Kok tried to search for one. Actually there are a lot of foot massage centres along the street but I was a little bit scared to go for it. Lol. Cause all are located upstairs and the staircases of those old building look super scary. Only a dim light bulb hanging there to guide you through. 

Maybe I watched too many TVB dramas I was a bit worried. My thought was what if those foot massage aren't decent. What if they offer special service if you know what I mean lol. What if halfway during our massage session, cops come knock the door and scream 差人查牌 HAHAHA. #thinktoomuch

At the end we chose one that looks quite okay, what I mean here is that the staircase looks quite okay. LOL. Then surprisingly it was a really nice place to relax and chill at the massage centre. No special service at all lmao. We got ourselves a really nice foot massage while watching TVB drama. The massage sifu kept talking to us in Cantonese and well, after quite some time only he realized we are not local. HAHA our cantonese really not bad right. 

That day TV showing 飞虎2 大结局.
So enjoyable haha.
Massage is reasonable price. 188HKD. Around 32 sgd for 90 minutes massage if I am not wrong.

Walked along 西洋菜街 or 波鞋街 in Mongkok, we saw so many different performances there. I think they only have performances on certain day. Means we are quite lucky.

Singing old song.

Watch this short clip then you will know how crowded the street was that night. 
You can even spot those passer by started to dance following the music. lol
Video quality is poor because I used my handphone to shoot this.

There was also protest ongoing at MongKok area.

That's all for our day two in Hong Kong. Pretty exhausted after that so we just went back our apartment to have a good sleep and get ready for our Macau day trip the next day. =)

We took Turbo Jet to Macau the next morning, together with one special guest Kit Fai. The ferry ticket costs us 353 HKD each and once we arrived, we cab to 澳门大三巴. Cab fee is cheap, only 30 HKD. 

大三巴 is a must-go place in Macau. Had wanton noodle as our breakfast.

Special Fried Wanton. Tastes pretty good!

Dry Wanton Noodle.

Although we were full after taken our breakfast, but tell me, who can resist curry fishball. Somemore this fishball really tastes super duper good!!! I had it once before during my last trip to Macau and since then, I can't get it out of my mind anymore. Whenever I think of it, I crave for it. I am serious.

大三巴 must must must eat this one. 恒友

Arghhh I want this. Feed me this now! =(

Blissful face just  because get to eat fishball. HAHA

Imagine eat this when the weather is so cold. Perfect!

On the way walking to the 牌坊

Met a really cute dog.

Looks emo though.

But still, super duper cute!Ahha

Finally reached 牌坊 after 10 minutes walk. 


Who cares how Kit Fai looks in this photo. lol

A wefie.

Not a wefie.
Some passer by helped us to take this photo but so ugly. :(

Selfie with the 牌坊? No problem. 

Spot someone's 美腿 ;)

The view.

Then we climbed up the staircase right beside the 牌坊 that lead us to  炮台. Climbed halfway then rest a while. 

Candid shot of me and Kit Fai. Again, nobody cares how Kit Fai looks like in this photo. lmao

Love this picture of us. Kit Fai did a good job.

He even brought 元朗老婆饼 to Macau for us to try.
How sweet.

Thanks to him, tastes really good! 
我好像没有吃过不好吃的香港老婆饼 ><

Remember to capture our reflections on the mirror but forgot to capture the 炮台 view LMAO. But actually nothing much to see there. So well, it's still fine even though I don't have any picture of that place.

Then we walked to buy Margaret's Egg Tart. 瑪嘉烈葡挞. It's just walking distance from 大三巴牌坊. There are two must-eat famous egg tart in Macau. One is Margaret and another one is Lord Stow. I think it will be good if you get to try both then see which one you prefer. So far as I know, Margaret has only one outlet in Macau, while Lord Stow branches are everywhere, even in shopping mall.

Tadaa~ Margaret's Egg Tart. 

Both egg tarts are super nice but I prefer Lord Stow's one. HAHA. Still haven't find any other egg tarts that tastes better than Lord Stow's egg tart!

Then, we cab to 莫义记 to try the famous 木糠布丁and 大菜糕! Some online articles said the pudding is a must-try.

This is how the 大菜糕 looks like. We chose original flavour. 
But I think this one so so only. I don't really like it!

Spot Kit Fai's hand.
Hand model of the day HAHA
This one is nice! But I seldom eat 木糠布丁 so I cannot comment whether how nice it is.
Maybe you need to go and find out yourself. ;)

Then from there, we walked to Venetian Hotel. LOL sounds crazy cause it's not near. But oh well, save cab fare. We walk! Can help to digest also! Too much food in our stomach! What I wanna say is that, there are always surprises waiting for you in every path that you took.

We found a really beautiful garden along our way!

So beautiful that we stayed there for quite some time. 
Rainbow that made of flower.

I think that's a theme for this garden.
Might be under the sea. Haha

So cute all the decorations. Fish Mermaid Starfish Ship.

Can't help but took alot of pictures at this garden.
Take 1.

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4.
Still alot more in my camera but a bit pai seh to spam too much on my blog. HAHA

Then finally we reached Venetian Hotel. It's basically a luxury hotel and a casino resort. There is one huge shopping mall inside the building for tourist to shop. The main attraction of this hotel and the shopping mall is the distinctive interior design of the building. The design resembles the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. It will easily make you feel like you are actually in Venice instead of Macau. LOL CRAP

Start posing in front of the camera. 
No no this is not Macau. I am in Italy. 

Totally look like two strangers took photo together. 
Well actually they are strangers this was the first day they met each other. 

The question I ask is: "Are we strangers too?"
I wish we are. lol

Tried 义顺's famous 姜汁撞奶
I don't like it!!! 
The only feeling when I put it into my mouth is "Yucks!"
Probably because I hate ginger.

Must-eat in Macau. 
Came here twice but never have a chance to go to their first shop in Macau.
Think go there eat will tastes even better. 
This one was bought from one of the branches in the mall.

Ohm nom nom.

Next we go for Lord Stow's egg tart. There are one branch inside this mall. 
Tastes sooooo gooodddddd!!!!

My boyfriend always think that 葡挞 and 蛋挞 is the same. But it's actually not!!!
I always tell him 蛋挞 is 蛋挞,葡挞is葡挞, don't mix up both.
Cause whenever we go eat 蛋挞 hor, he will say Macau's one tastes better. *roll eyes
How to compare when it's actually not the same. Haha. Until now he still thinks its the same. =.=
Hard to convince. 

There are different mascots walk around in the building.
Just feel free to go take a picture with them when you meet any. =)

That's all for our Macau. The next day we are going to Ocean Park!
Stay tune!
Enjoy reading!

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