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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 1 + Day 2: Sheung Wan+ Causeway Bay+ Mongkok+ Victoria Harbour + Avenue of Stars

Hi 2015. How're you guys doing? Just back from my Hong Kong trip not long ago and I can't wait to blog about it. Spent a short trip oversea with my babe to kickstart our new year. Not bad right? At first we planned to spent our new year eve there in Hong Kong but too poor to spend so much on flight tickets so we changed the date to 2nd January. One day after new year. Cheaper. lol. Much cheaper.

We spent 6 days in Hong Kong searched for nice food and travel around like local. LOL. It's easy for us to act like local because our Cantonese is good haha. *don't slap me* Though it might not be exactly the same as their Cantonese but we learnt to speak like them and it worked well. A lot of people thought we are local and they're surprise when they know we are not. Lol had so much fun.

We took midnight flight to Hong Kong on 2nd of January and it was super tiring. Two of us can't sleep well on the plane even though we were so sleepy mainly due to the turbulence. We try to close our eyes but never really went into deep sleep. Scoot was kind enough to upgrade our seat to seats with extra leg room but that doesn't help. =/

Arrived Hong Kong airport around 6 in the morning and the first thing we did was brushed up ourselves and put on some makeup. LOL. Transform from lack-of-sleep-zombie to energetic-young-girl. Makeup is kind of magic. Everyone knows that. After done preparing ourselves, we queue to purchase the airport express train ticket. At first we wanna top up our Octopus card because this airport express train allow us to pay using this card but then the staff told us buy ticket at counter will be cheaper. Some more we can get the ticket at even lower price when travel in pairs. Two is a magic number LOL. Each of us paid HKD 80 for the train ticket.

Not to forget we also immediately purchased Hong Kong simcard once we touched down at the airport. Can't live without internet. Lol. I bought this tourist sim card at HKD 118, This tourist package provide 5GB data usage for 8 days in Hong Kong and also 1 day in Macau. Perfect for those who also plan to visit Macau like me. Seriously 5GB data is A LOT.

Then off we go. Got into the train. The train was pretty empty.

 Selfie time. We don't look tired right. 
In fact we were really really tired. LOL

And one more. 
This was our first oversea trip together.

Reached central within 25 minutes. It's fast. =D
Central station is an interchange station. After we alighted from the train, we hopped onto another train to go and searched for nice Hong Kong breakfast since we still can't check-in our studio room.

Breakfast hotspot in Hong Kong. Australia Dairy Co. 澳洲牛奶公司. Expected long queue when we arrived.

Although the shop is small but the waiter managed to find a place to place our luggage.

All mine. Forgot to snap the 丝袜奶茶.

 This shop famous of their scramble eggs. 


But this dessert tastes awesome!
 Really tastes so so so good!One of the must try.
Awww I crave for it now. 

After breakfast, we checked in our room after spent some time in a cafe nearby. Small studio apartment located in Sheung Wan that we booked through AirBnB website. The thing I love about this apartment is that it is just one minute walk from the MTR! The room is small but good enough for 2 person.

Our twin bed. 

 Small pantry and toilet.

After a two hour nap, we took MTR to go shop around at Causeway Bay area. And chose to dine in a Japanese restaurant instead of local Hong Kong restaurant. LOL. Cause we were too hungry and lazy to go search for nice Hong Kong food. So just simply settled for this one.

 Soft shell crab roll.
Looks good but taste so so only.
Forgot how much it costs.

Both of us are salmon lover. So salmon is a must to order here. 
This big plate of salmon sushi costs us 198HKD only. 
Super worth it. Every slice of salmon is super thick and fresh.
We can't finish this plate cause it was a little bit too much. *guilty*

Then we found our way to Victoria Harbour and Avenue of Star. Didn't take much photo because that was the third time I been there. A bit bored of it already lol. That was a windy night.  We were freezing over there.

The beautiful view.

We took a lot of silly photo over there. LOL

Met a friend of kah yann after that, then we headed to 澳门茶餐厅 to have our dinner. Honestly the food is good but I have no idea why we dine in a Macau restaurant instead of local Hong Kong one. Since we will be going Macau also, don't get it why her friend still bring us to a Macau restaurant in Hong Kong. =.=



After dinner,  her friend brought us to Mongkok (旺角) 扫街. If you're fans of TVB then I think you know what I mean here. Not sweep the floor, in canto it means eat all the nice street food.

Ready to 扫街!

 He introduced us some famous street food in Hong Kong.

Kah yann's smelly tofu.

 炸猪大肠 Deep Fried Pork's Intestine. 

I don't really dare to eat internal organ so I bought this. 香港鸡蛋仔 
There are alot more food to try but we were too full. Mission failed lol.



There are a lot of cosmetic and skin care product to shop in Mongkok area. All super cheap compare to Singapore. Shop for a while then it's time to go back hotel eat dessert. Yay. Searched online and this dessert shop seem like very famous in Hong Kong.

Sweet Tooth 甜牙牙

We queue 45 minutes for a table and waited another half an hour for our desserts to be served. Simply because this shop is too crowded.

Selfie while waiting.

 Mango Pudding.

Strawberry Pancake.

Worth the wait. Should have order waffle instead of pancake though. Pancake is a little bit too dry. But overall it was satisfying. 

If next time I get to visit again with a big bunch of friends, I will order this.

 Lol photo grabbed online. Not mine.

The next day we woke up early for local food, DIM SUM. I tried very famous 一点心 and 点点心 during my last trip, so this time try something different. 莲香楼. It is kinda near to the place that we stayed so we walked there.

 Took some picture along the way. Haha.

And we reached.
Very old style Hong Kong dimsum place. 旧香港风味点心茶楼

There is no seat arrangement service provided means we have to try getting table on our own. Someone reach later then you might get a table first if he or she is lucky.

The restaurant is small so trying to find a tiny place to stand was already a problem, not to mention find a seat. After a while we finally got a table, but that is when the war start. Lol. Everybody will rush to the dimsum cart when there is new dimsum come out from the kitchen and all we need to do was to grab as much dim sum as we can and bring back to our table. One second slower and that dimsum will be in other's hand. Lol. What an interesting morning.

Sometime all you can do is just grab it without really know what the dimsum is. 抢了才算哈哈








The dimsum here is nice but I still think 一点心and 点点心 better.

Went to Jenny Bakery after breakfast to buy some cookies as souvenir.  Maybe we were lucky, the queue was short when we arrived. Plan to buy a lot but there's a rule stated that each person can only buy 2. HOW SAD.

Butter cookies.
My friends like it. Boyfriend likes it too. 

Okay to be continue... That's all for today.

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