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Monday, December 15, 2014


Am going to leave Singapore tomorrow for a short break back in my hometown. Mixed feeling. I miss my family and can't wait to meet them but at the same time, feel unbelievably upset that I can't see his cute panda's face for that long. I know I will miss him. In fact, I already start missing him though he is still in the same room with me now, lying on his bed taking a short nap. Looking at his innocent face, I feel so bad that I have to leave. Didn't know that my love feeling has grow this strong. Or maybe, actually I do know. He is just so sweet so considerate so caring. I am falling deeper and deeper, day by day. I've never meet someone like him before.

Recall back three and half years ago, when I first came to Singapore, I never feel bad that I have to leave this land. Every semester break every long holiday, I can't wait to book my flight and fly back to Malaysia. Till I meet him. Till I fall in love with him. Then, I started to know more about this country that I had stayed for three years plus. I changed. This country now mean something to me. Because this is the place that he was born. I have no idea why I get so emotional tonight. But I feel really thankful that I chose to come Singapore for my tertiary studies, I am lucky that Meinhardt chose me and gave me a chance to have my internship in the company, and feel thankful that my boss assigned him to be the one who guide me out of so many experienced engineers.

I am glad that I met you. Panda. Don't miss me too much when I am back in Malaysia. But I will for sure miss you like mad. lol

See you soon. Very very soon. Best Blogger Tips

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Life is good. Or to be specific, life after exam is freaking good. No stress. No rush. I can just do whatever I want. Or choose not to do whatever I don't want. This might seem crap but it actually makes sense.



When I can reject things that I don't feel like doing, there comes the real freedom. And I wanna shout out loud: " I am coming back home soon!" Yay. As we grow older it's getting harder and harder for us to spend some quality time with family. So I am really looking forward to it. And friends, if you are reading this blog post, I can interpret it as you actually miss me right. Lolol 不要脸. Feel free to ask me out. Just that it might be a bit inconvenient for me to drive out at night because I converted my driving license. I passed the Singapore driving test but I have yet to receive my driving license.'s abit risky to drive without a license. Come fetch me guys!

December is a good month and 2014 is definitely a good year. Actually every year also a good year for me haha. Just that sometimes it's scary when the thought of I am a soon-to-be 24 years old girl come to my mind. 2015 will be a challenging year for me! And I am looking forward to it.

Recently keep searching for winter wear in some of my favourite fashion stores to prepare for January trip. In a struggle whether I should get myself a leather one or not. If only if I am rich, I will buy all. Sigh~ Money never enough. No money how to everyday fashion show during the trip. LOL

I wish I can buy some really nice winter wear at low low price. #thinktoomuch

Should I blog about my birthday stay in Fullerton? I missed that in my blog. But kinda lazy. I still haven't blog about my Bangkok trip also. By the way, Nespresso coffee machine is a big hit recently isn't it. When I first play with the machine during my stay in Fullerton, I actually don't know that it is quite expensive and a lot of people love it. Me and boyfriend just keep playing with it although we don't really like coffee cause it's fun. Then recently only I realize we actually wasted quite a lot of good quality coffee during our stay and I gotta say Fullerton Bay hotel is quite generous in providing us the coffee capsule. At least more generous than MBS lol.

And too pretty not to repost the view from our room. :D

Till then.

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