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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Number 76 @ Mid Valley.

Hohoho almost come to the end of December, which mean the end of 2013. Oh my gawttt how can time passes so fast! I am turning 23. How can it be huh? It is like I was still wearing my secondary school uniform yesterday, then when I woke up from sleep this morning, I'm already an undergraduate student. :/

Okay back to the topic, if you know me well or you STALK me frequently😏😏😏 Haha I bet you realize that my hair is always dye with different colour.  I can never go back to black I think because black hair made me look so tanned. With lighter shade on my hair, I look fairer. By knowing this fact, how is that possible for me to stop dyeing lol. As almost every girl in this world looking for whitening products, dye hair is my secret weapon. Don't believe it? Show you my picture in black hair color.

With flash, not too bad? Haha

My face look so dirty in this picture but in fact I already applied bb cream on it. Nineteen years old me. I looked dirty with black hair haha idk why.

Usually I dye my hair in a saloon in First Garden, but due to some reasons, I think I'm not gonna visit the saloon anymore. Then my sister recommend me this well -known japanese saloon in KL, Number 76. Sounds familiar to many of you I bet. I heard of this saloon from a lot of pretty bloggers and I do follow instagram of some of the stylists, and I love their work. Since now they are having promotion - A member who bring along a friend for first time visit, both can get 20 percent discount, and my sister is their member, so I decided to pay a visit. Before I made an appointment online, I do some research on Google to see which stylist I want.

Guess who's my stylist? Hehe Odera San.

On that day itself, because I'm not too sure what I want to do to my hair, I asked for the stylist opinion. He checked my hair by keep touching it and compared to my skin tone for so long to figure out what suit me more haha. So shy. 

He is a Japanese so we have to communicate in English. After a while he came out with 2 colours for me: copper brown or ash brown. I actually think ash brown would be so nice but according to him, ash brown doesn't last long like copper brown do. Since I'm going to intern in Singapore next semester and not able to come back Msia often, I picked copper brown. Copper brown is dark brown colour with slightly reddish. I will leave ash brown or another crazier colour for next time maybe? Haha.

From what I know ( price according to my hair length ),
Normal dye (for my case) : RM260
Dye with highlight             : RM260 + RM100
Dye and bleach                   : RM260 + RM260

*Bleach is same price as dye. If need to bleach more than once, for example twice, price will be RM260 × 2. And add to the price of dye, so total up will be 260 + 520. 

Anyway I am just providing a rough price guideline here so if you want to know the exact price of your dream hair, it is always better to drop by their saloon for FREE consultation. =)

I also decided to add collagen into my hair dye. The price of adding collagen is RM25 which I think very reasonable. It is just like feeding my hair with nutrients lol like how we drink collagen for better skin condition. And I also did their famous ultrasonic treatment to pamper my hair, which a lot of people call that Magic treatment. Indeed, it is really a magic. My hair become so silky and smooth after the treatment.  Met boyfriend just now and he also can't help but keep rubbing my hair haha. Proud of it. The magic treatment costs RM250 and the effect can last for a month. At first I also think that the price very high and I don't wanna try it, but now I'm not regret at all. It worth the price. Finally I know why everybody go for this treatment even though it is not cheap. 一分钱一分货。

Picture took from their website. =p

I really like their service and that's the first time I feel like falling asleep when the friendly staff was washing and rinsing my hair. Normally I would just feel so uncomfortable when someone rinse my hair in other saloons but definitely not in Number 76. They even help me to cover a blanket lol. I feel like I'm at home sleeping on my bed. Love their head massage as well.

Picture of me before hair dye and treatment. 

Another thing that I love about this saloon is I never feel any discomfort when they comb my hair. I'm not too sure whether am I the only unlucky one or everybody else with long hair experience this - that's when somebody comb my hair after wash, I have to tolerate with some level of pain. Mainly due to my hair is quite damaged and extra patience have to be given in order to comb my hair. I hate it when the saloon people just comb it without care about my feeling. 我觉得如果你连头发都不懂怎样去爱惜,我根本不想让你碰我的头发。This is actually also one of the reasons I don't want go to the old saloon that I usually like to visit so much anymore. And I am glad that staff from 76 saloon didn't fail me. My hair is so precious in their eyes. :")

Waiting waiting...

This is the outcome. My hair look healthier with this darker shade of color. =)

Love how my hair was curled.

Before I leave, I got my receipt together with a member card and 4 mini bottle of homecare treatment. Being their member get to enjoy an ultrasonic treatment worth RM250 for free in birthday month and other privileges. Such a wonderful birthday gift haha. My sister said better than Topshop which only offer their member 20 percent discount lmao. :3

That day my sister also tagged along to redeem her free ultrasonic treatment and also cut her hair and did Tansan hair spa(sparkling scalp experience). Tansan treatment only cost RM25 and it's a treatment for you to remove dirt on your scalp. 

She said her scalp can breath after the treatment wth. 

Does she look cute after cut? Haha. 

That's all for my first visit. Might go there again to do digital perm cause they are having weekday promotion now! Excited! If you feel like trying their service, remember book appointment(better two or three days before) so that you can grab a slot with your favourite stylist. =)  

There are 4 branches of Number 76:
Mont Kiara
Mid Valley
Bangsar 2

Website of Number 76:

Picture of me and my hair 2 days after the visit. =D

Everything is good except terribly damaged end of my hair.  Lolol ultrasonic also cant save it. The only way to save it is cut it away. T_T
One day... One day I will go and cut it... One day. =3

Enjoy reading. =)

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