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Friday, September 27, 2013

Antoinette @ Mandarin Gallery

Girls should always learn to pamper ourselves once in a while. There are too many things out there that we can do to make ourselves happy, and you cannot deny that having some nice desserts is one of the best ways. 

It is always more fun for me to have desserts with girlfriends instead of boyfriend lolol. Cause my boyfriend don't really fancy for sweet cakes pies tarts or whatever. Sometimes I really wonder why boys are so different with girls. I have a sweet tooth. Sweet food has always been a sense of comfort food for me. 

So, where is the best place to hang out with girlfriends? I bet you know the answer don't you? Yes you are right! Some places with nice ambiance and offer good looking desserts! Yum yum! And we found this restaurant "Antoinette". It has a few branches but the one we went is located in Mandarin Gallery @ Orchard Road.


This branch is indeed quite small but decor is amazing. Classy yet vintage feel make this restaurant great for high-tea sessions.

All chairs are covered with cushions and that are so comfortable that they wrapped around your body once you sank into them. 

This restaurant is named after 18th-century French queen famed for her excessive lifestyle.
Lolol so is that mean that when we are there we will be treated as queens?

Exterior look.

All desserts look very chio! Omg we had a really hard time decide which to choose. If only if I have a very huge appetite and very rich, I will order all I swear. 

Because I only have an appetite of bird fml, I only got to try some of them. T____T
I want more I want moreeee.

I was not able to take my eyes off.
Don't really like macaroons but I can't resist to order each time I see them arranged nicely in the fridge.
Girls being girls lmao.

Chocolate which believe to melt in your mouth within 0.01 second lol.
Unfortunately, I am not a fan of chocolate.
SO SAD. No need  Din get to try this. :p

Let me eat cake.

Le Royale, something that cannot be missed in Antoinette.
Contains Dark Chocolate Mousse 64%, Almond Meringue, Hazelnut Almond Feuilletine, Chocolate Genoise and Dark Rum.

Antoinette, a signature dessert that worth trying.
This is a cake which infuse milk chocolate mousse with earl grey tea, dark chocolate earl grey tea cremeux, earl grey tea crumble and chocolate biscuit. Wondering what is the jelly like thing at the top of the dessert? It is actually raspberry coulis which tasted a bit sweet and sour.

My another favourite, Strawberry Shortcake.
Japanese shortcake sponge, kirsch syrup, fresh strawberries and creme Chantilly all mix together.
Always think that strawberry is a must to eat when having dessert. Guess I just love strawberry too much lol.
This tastes really good!

And last but not least, macaroons!
From left to right: Rose, Antoinette, Violette.
Rose made use of rose petal cream, Antoinette which seem to be another signature macaroons made use of earl grey tea ganache with raspberry confiture and Violette ( my favourite ) made use of Violet flower cream. As simple as that!

Me with a table of cakes.
At first we actually want to order the high tea set instead of cakes, because they are offering high tea special menu which costs 60sgd++ for two pax. But then informed by the waiter that we actually cannot share that high tea set among three people, if we only order for 2 pax, the third person must never eat or touch that food. If they actually found out the third person eat the food, they will fine three of us don't know for how much. 20 sgd per person if I'm not wrong. Wthhh right. Haha. Have FINE somemore.

So the waiter insisted us to order for 3 pax, mean add extra 30++ for the third person sharing. Lolol. We are just poor kids we have no budget for that because after tax and everything I think it will be around 40sgd ++ for one pax. So then we rather went and picked some cakes.
Our bill end up around 74sgd. Mean around 24- 25 sgd per person. :)

My girls, Shin Mei and Jen Huey.
So happy to spent some quality time together and purely talked craps lolol.

Was pouring my tea called French Apple Tart.
A sinful bouquet of the finest freeze-dried granny smith apple bits, juicy with a soft, rounded mouth feel and plush texture. Classic and simple.

Look like tais tais lol.
They both having The de porcelaine rose tea and organic Ying Yang.

Queens of the day!
By the way, the three girls which sat two tables away from us actually ordered the high tea set for two pax and an additional slice of cake. We are so geh poh hahaha. Then my girlfriend told me the waiter actually keep walked pass that table for 18937287400 times just to check the third girl's plate to ensure she did not eat the food. Aiyo need like that meh?

Will definitely go back again to try more desserts. 
Want to try another branch next time. 
Till then. Xoxo.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

September :D

Hi people. Miss me? Why is time passing so quickly! Today is already 22nd of September which mean 9 more days we have to say hi to October. October can you please don't come so fast? I still have a lot of things undone. Lol so many stuffs waiting for me to settle but I sit here in front of my laptop to write crap post fml haha. Now I know why I always complain that I don't have sufficient time. Gimme 48 hours a day can? So that I can have 24 hours more sleeping time. *grin*

September treats me quite well. Although there are a lot ups and downs happened in this month, I am glad that I still able to solve all the problems with supports of my family and boyfriend. I love how it feels when you can actually go ahead and do anything you want because you know there are always people who love you supporting you no matter what. With them, I am not afraid. They will be there pull me up even I fall! I am blessed. 

Sometimes I do feel like I am useless and I am not worthy. But these feelings can't let me down. Instead, I became motivated. I want to prove to myself I actually worth something more. Everyone Is Worth Something! Just hold on and don't give up! 

My quotes of this month is: " Keep Trying!
You never fail until you stop trying, right? :)

Let's blog a bit about my recent life. Life in university is boring. Some more this month is a hectic month for me, even during weekend I rarely have time to go and hang out with friends. ----> Nerd in Progress --->
Anyway, don't worry I am not going to share with you all my boring nerd life lol. I want to share with you all one of the exciting news that made me happy for so longggg. That is, I have a date with a great singer in December. Lol okay fml say until like I am going to a private date with him haha. In fact, I bought his concert ticket!!! Guess who........?


JJ Lin. Aww I was so excited you know. But my boyfriend was like so emotionless when I told him I bought concert tickets and shouted to him: "Let's go together baby!" =.= The first sentence he said to me was: "Huh? You know I don't like JJ Lin!" Okay fine lol. So how? You don't like you still have to go haha. Cause your girlfriend me like! *evil grin*

Share some of his songs here. Enjoy! Maybe after you listen to all his songs then I might see you in Bukit Jalil.:p

Besides of this exciting news, another thing that made me very happy is... My weight dropped!Oh dear god I was so damn heavy since don't know when and I never thought that workout can really made me became much lighter on earth. I used to imagine the number on my weighing scale if I have a chance to measure my weight on moon lol. I thought workout is to make me look fit and heavier by a little bit because people say muscle is heavier than fats right? Oh whatever I don't care anymore. I might still consider heavy among girls idk am I?. :( But I am happy with the number that appears on my weighing scale now. It will gets better I guess? For your information my weights dropped for almost 3 kg. Damn a lot right? For me, yes! lol
Share some workouts below that I usually do. Maybe you all can try and see whether useful or not.

When I first started workout, I usually do these three.

But slowly I neither feel tired.nor feel like dying after these three workouts. Sweat less also So I think it is time for me to change.So I change to this! And I swear I swear I really feel like dying. This is a more intense one. But I like it because I can really feel my stomach burning after I completed the workout.

I hate the static plane hold the most. But it is the most efficient workout for me to feel my stomach burn like hell hahaha. 

 Recent showing-flatter-tummy picture. 
This is taken one month after I started workout. :)
 More confident to wear cropped top hahaha.
Hold on hold on. 

Eat clean is also very important.
My breakfast this morning. :)
Eat less but frequent is the key.
And stay hydrated all the time hahaha.
Keep go toilet to pee. =.=
That's all.

Self loving picture.

Happy Sunday!


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Thursday, September 12, 2013












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