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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hey people, finally I have some time to sit down and blog today. Anyone miss me? *wink* Okay crap cause I don't even know is there anyone reading my blog. But it doesn't matter because I am always the top fans of my own blog as in I always read and read my old blog posts when I am free. No I am not a weirdo. A lot of precious memories can be recall. :)

So, my birthday month is going to end real soon. This is already the last week of August and it is almost time for us to ask ourselves some questions. For example, any achievement I made this month? Any target reach? Or did I learn any new thing? For me, I think I do. Did you? 

Basically this blog post is about my recent life. My three months freaking long holiday was finally ended and I am now back to Singapore to start my third year university study. This semester is going to be super busy again but I somehow like this feeling. I am still staying off campus although I got my hall offer two weeks ago because lazy to move back. Lolol I thought this gonna be a long post but I think I just concluded my recent life in two to three sentences. =.=

In case you don't know, I dyed my hair R.E.D

And and and in case you don't know, it F.A.D.E in one weeks. Yea one week. One week then all gone. For a while only then I have to kiss goodbye my red hair. Emo!

Well maybe I can blog a bit about my birthday celebration. In fact I don't really have a proper celebration leh this year. And and and not much presents also. But you know what? This is my best birthday ever! Because this is the first birthday which I got to celebrate it together with my boyfriend and my family on the exact date. The feeling is just so sweet and warm. Can be surrounded by all the people I love in my special day, what else do I need right!!!! So blessed! 

 I bought this dress long time ago but never wear.

Sister bought me a huge Kitty balloon. So sweet of her.
Always love Kitty. Moreover this kitty is flying one. Or floating in air I don't know haha.

Two celebration in total so this was the second one.
Didn't take any picture for first celebration so... No picture to upload haha.

Candid shot.

Iphone 4 camera quality sucks la. 
Since don't have any nicer picture liao then I think I just post this one.
Wearing my new love from miss selfridge and took picture with my daddy's new love.

Smile bright lolol 强颜欢笑
Cause turning 22 liao so old. 

My favourite boy.
Captain Sam who only belong to me, now and forever.

Cake 1...

and Cake 2. 
Really appreciate all the wishes and pressies and cakes. *heart*

Have been facing a lot of challenge recently but keep telling myself to stay positive and keep fighting. This is actually quite useful. Moreover I started to work out few weeks ago and practicing eat clean no sugar lifestyle now. It is not easy but I always telling myself, if it is easy everyone will go for it, only because it is not, all my sacrifice will worth it in the end. I believe in myself and I believe I will hold on to it. As someone said to me, "if you want a thing so badly, nothing can stop you from getting it, and you will not find any excuses." which I think is really true. I hope I can reach my goal one day. Wish me luck! :)

If you still look cute after your workout, simply mean that you don't train enough.
So forgive my messy hair and sweaty face.

Till then. I shall shut my computer off and go do some exercise now.
See you guys. xoxo

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Sunday, August 4, 2013


有时候      不是不说
你    我

有时候      不是执着
怎    样

有时候      不是沉默
情     愿

有时候      宁愿寂寞
不     懂

有时候       有时候       有时候


那    个


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