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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Random Post

More than a week since I last updated my blog and this is actually a good sign. This means that I am actually enjoying life instead of stuck at home and facing my laptop all day and night. Peace sign. Yay. 

 Recent selca number #1

Been busy trying out new things recently and by doing that, my time passed faster. Miss how I used to think that 24 hours a day is not enough for me. But soon I will be going back to this kind of busy life and a place that not a second I don't feel lonely. Sounds bad right lolol. Well in fact I get used to it already. 

Just sometimes, I mean only sometimes, I really feel terribly bad for handling everything by my own. :/
Especially something that really kinda hard for a girl to handle alone. But I know myself well, I do not like to ask help from others. Just maybe, I don't want people think that I am a troublesome friend. 

I remember that few months ago I cried when I was half way shifting my stuff out from my hostel. That time I need to check out my hostel room and I need to move everything out and shift it to my friend's room. I did it all by myself. Those boxes those luggage everything is so heavy and I need to shift down from forth floor to my hall main entrance. One way shall be 3 minutes walk but it simply became 7-8 minutes walk for me when I was carrying all those heavy stuff. I walked about 5 times back and forth. Under super big sun. Hurt myself half way, my leg bleeds and I started to cry. So Funny. Cry probably because I felt that I am so lonely. No one actually really care about me. I remember I sat on my super huge luggage and cried for a while then wiped my tears and continue to shift. lolol. I always feel super strong after I cry. 

Recent selca number #2

Okay story end. Why am I so sentimental tonight. I am suppose to blog about happy things that happened and going to happen real soon. Pai seh Pai seh. Hahaha. Actually this post just wanna share with you guys my recent happy life. Crap post lai de. lol.

July is going to end soon and August definitely gonna be the best month for me. Simply because I am August baby lolol so August will treat me good I know. Don't ask me why. I just know. Aha.

So besides my BIG DAY, another important event in August has to be Jay Chou's concert. Till now, I still can't believe that I am gonna meet him in person this Saturday. I mean, at least I can see him from a distance. Not too close, not too far. But it is more than enough for me. Really. Mad love his songs and he is gonna sing for me this Saturday. Dream come true. For sure I will scream for him the whole night. Hmm. Have to drink more leong sui these few days lahhhh.

20130803. Our date.

Then few days ago I just went to Malacca for a day trip and I really love the famous Satay Celup. Drools when I think about it. Tastes so nice oh my gosh. Definitely will go back to Malacca because of this finger-licking food. Boyfie and I ate non stop once we reached there. Eat lunch, then three desserts, followed by dinner and straightaway supper because we lacked of time. Tummy bloated lahhhh. :/
Will blog about my day trip there sooner or later depends on how lazy I am hehehe.

Don't look nicce because of my skill but tastes really good one!

Us in the middle of Jonker Street.

Then bought some cosmetics for myself in KL yesterday. End up burned a hole in my pocket. So broke hur. 
Wanna try to put on lipstick so bought two different tone of lips color yesterday. Mad love the outcome. 
It made me look not-so-pale and look fairer. Guess I will wear it everyday from now onward. 

A lot more to share but start to feel sleepy at this hour. Guess I will just stop here and spam some outfit pictures to end this post. Good night and sweetdream people.

 Outfit for movie. Minions!
Knitted top from Roxy, High-waist pants from Topshop, Bag from Mango, Slippers from Birkenstock.

Match with Minions Nails. :D

Outfit for shopping.
Denim top from Forever 21, High-waist pants from Topshop, Shoes from Vans, Bag from Longchamp.

 Taken in Penang.
Both of us, Tops and High-waist pants all from Topshop.
Why I always wearing the same pants lol. In fact not!!!
Just a coincidence haha.


End this post with picture of me in crop top that I tried but end up not buying.
Showing off belly LOL.

Good night world.




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Friday, July 19, 2013




其实为了有一个浪漫的星期五晚上,我几天前就跟他说了,要他回来一定要带我去吃很好吃很好吃、很贵很贵的东西,他一口就答应我,可是刚刚晚上出门前他又说,记得赶在九点半前回家,因为他要看最新一集的冲上云霄2. **叹气**


面包上缺了一口是因为……我拍照的速度比不上某个肥仔咬食物的速度! =.=

 北鼻的cod fish.
Cod fish 华语怎么写啊不会写呵呵

我的 braised lamb shank

不过虽然如此,还是过了一个很愉快的星期五晚上,至少我有吃到很好吃的食物,而且吃的时候身边有他,那就够了 :)




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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cafe 91 @ Tambun Inn Hotel

I think most of my friends know that I am having my freaking long THREE months holidays. Yes T.H.R.E.E months. Super duper lonnnggg right? So besides planning  some trips for myself, I go yum cha all the time! Oh thank god my sister also having her long holiday so we can hang out together.

Kinda lazy to blog about every single outing but decided to blog about this cafe. Cafe 91.
It is a small cafe located in Hotel Tambun Inn decorated with a lot of vintage stuff. It is like every corner of the cafe can be your own photobooth with you good friends. Went there weeks ago to have a small gathering with my secondary school friends and I really like that place. Great ambience I would say! Comfortable and quiet.

The year which mean so much for me.

Cute decoration idea.
Polaroid pictures of some customers.
Spot me? 

Collage of all pretty little things in the cafe.

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first!
Desserts that we ordered.
This set only costs us RM10. Cheap right?

 In fact you can actually pick any three desserts that you like to be in this set.
I picked cheese cake, tiramisu and hello kitty cheese tart.
Tiramisu tastes really good and is recommended out of all. :)

Some hot beverage that we ordered.
These two are Hot Mocha and Hot chocolate. 
Always looking forward to surprise by the coffee art whenever I go to a cafe. :D

 Group picture.
Pictures taken here almost all credited to Mun Yee. She has a nice phone camera!

 Two pretty girls.

 Pooi Lim.

 Mun Yee.

 Chee Fong.

 Wooi Wan.


Me. Bunny. Pooi Lim.

Want some cake? ;)

My dear Evonne.
Everyone of us took turn to sit on this chair and take picture. lol

 Always enjoy afternoon tea with girlfriends.
Happy moment.

Munyee like this 'little princess' word so much lol.

# Girls being girls.

 Play with my crazy girls over there like it is our own house cause we are the only customers. lolol
We even shifted their furniture and decorations here and there.
p/s: As if you noticed, the cake decoration stuff should not be here. It should at the another corner of the cafe and be with the bunny. :p

Miii. :D

We are all little princesses. :D

In my opinion, this cafe provides a nice and quiet place for you to spend some quality time with your friends so you might feel free to go and have a try. Go lah go lah the cafe owner is so friendly. I like lol. So help her promote a bit.

End of post.
Friends forever!

Cafe at 91
Address: 91, Jalan Raja Dihilir,
30350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. 
Telephone: 012-5761687
Business Hours: 11am-6pm, Closed on Mondays

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Korea Tour Part 3 (Seongsan Ilchulbong, 3D Art Musuem)

Hey people I blog again today. Guess if I continue being so sick, I can write a post here everyday lol. Cause there is nothing more a patient can do besides sit still at home. Urgh :/ Don't even have the appetite to eat. Good news for me is my weight dropped! But what I hope now is to gain my weight back and stay healthy everly after. 

Sick of being sick. It's already one week plus. :/

Look through my photos made me smile. It was spring in Korea and I remember very well that it was a very windy and sunny day. Breeze kept us cold and sun kept us warm so we always feel comfortable, naturally. What a perfect weather for hiking.

Young girls getting ready to conquer the mountain.

 So crowded over there.
People busy taking photos and some just sit there fully enjoy the breeze and talk with friends.

I would like to lay on grass and see what shapes the clouds make. lol
Just feeling awesome to get close to nature once in a while.

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature,
it will never fail you. 

 Okay one last picture and we are ready to go!!!
Time to get our sweat on!

 Hike halfway and stop by to view the beautiful Jeju Island from top.

 Kinda breathtaking scenery. 

 And and and FINALLY we got to the top.
Not remember how many times we stopped halfway. 

 This is the prove hoho.
Us with the signboard.

 Seongsan Ilchulbong. Also called Sunrise Peak.
Not really high though. :p

When the sun is shining I can do anything.
No mountain is too high, no problem is too difficult to solve.

Crystal clear sea water.

This picture marked the end of our hiking journey.
Love my girls and I want more trip with them. 

Then also we went to 3D art musuem in Jeju.
It was pretty fun to visit there and now let pictures do the talking.

Aww thanks.. I know I am gifted.
 I am born to be an outstanding actress. 

 Who want some midnight snacks?

 Who don't love Chanel?

 Guess my height. 

 I shouldn't stand at the center. 
No one can look pretty standing among them. Or just me? haha.

 The Hulk?
"Sap Sap Sui".


 This is so real right.

 Very cute room.
Stand at the spot marked and the picture will come out like this.
Tiny shin mei and Giant Jen huey. o.0
Super illusion.

 Yay yay pass to me I can do it!!

**So noob me typing caption like this =.=**

Love Jen's pose.

 Run for your lifffeeeeee!!!

Pizza anyone?

Ouchh! My teeth!

There comes to the end of this post.
Korea and especially Jeju Island is a very worth visiting place.

Enjoy reading. =)

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