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Friday, June 28, 2013

Korea Tour Part 2 (Jeju Island, Glass Castle & Bear Musuem)

Yo guys... Finally I am done with my blog post about first day adventure in Jeju Island with my girlfriends which located in South Korea. Please be prepare that this gonna be a freaking long blog post which flooded with millions of pictures because I don't know how to choose which to upload and which not to. All are my precious memories and by looking at each and every picture, it can easily reminds me of all the happiness and fun I had in Korea.

Okaayyy... Cut everything short. Let's back to Jeju!!

First tourist spot we went is this Glass Castle.
Just wondering...What is your first thought when you first hear the name? Glass Castle?
I don't know if it is just me who will think that this must be a very "fairytale" place?!
I gotta admit I am a hopeless romantic person! So when I knew that I was heading to Glass Castle, what pop out in my mind are all fairytale style love story, princess and prince, angels and a beautiful castle...

But once I stepped down from the bus, well... hmm I have yet to see any building which look like a castle.
But it is okay, kept telling myself to be patience cause people always say "Save the best for last", right?
Then once I stepped into the building, this is what I saw.
What? Jack the Giant Slayer? lol
I think I watch too many movies.
After walked around the park for some time, then I found out there is actually no castle.
No C.A.S.T.L.E.

Even beautiful flowers are not real.  :(
This glass castle is just a glass art theme part featuring models which all made entirely out of glass.
Amazing but... disappointed as well.
I thought I can take picture with a castle. T_T
Stupid me.

Okay luckily in this glass castle, there are mirrors everywhere.
And all are clean with almost zero dust on it.
I would say this fact actually cheers me up a bit. lol
We girls camwhore in front of all kind of mirrors.
And yea... I took off my super ugly leggings. **peace**
p/s: You know what I mean if you read my first post.
Sssshhh... Mini size symphony orchestra is performing.

Houses in various kind of colours.
So small!
 I guess these houses are belong to that group of symphony orchestra people.
Only they can fit in. ;)

Look so real although made of glass.
I ate this every meal everyday when I was in Korea.
Maybe the portion in picture are the sum up of the bean sprout portion that I have eaten in that 8 days.
**burps again**

Finally I saw something which related to fairytale.
A pair of shoes which I dreamt to have when I was a kid or maybe still dreaming now even I am not young anymore lol.
- Cinderella's glass slippers -

Well okay everyone can be Cinderella.
Just pick one from here and go create your own Cinderella story.  =)

Good place to have some high tea!

You are welcome to throw a coin and pray for love, health and success in your life.

Beautiful flowers which gonna remain beautiful in no matter how many years later.

We queue to take picture with this Giant heart.
which takes forever.

Suppose a phototaking hotspot for couples.
I am forever alone lolol.

Small heart inside of big heart.

Ugly clown.

Huge but still ugly clown.

Then, proceed to next location!!
Bear Museum.
Awww one of my favourite places of the trip.

 Welcome by many many bear bear in different sizes different costumes once we stepped into the musuem.
Love their smile. 

 Eeewww. That bear is ready to hunt some tiger meat. 

 We are getting marry!

I love you because you made me looked tiny.
Of course, I am also tiny in real person la lolol.
Love to lie as always.

 How come your smile is wider than mine?
You win You win.

 Oh so you both are in some kind of traditional costumes?
Look good anyway. ;)

 Huge bear bear finally I got to see your face.

 Awww... Yes, I do.
But flowers are not enough Mr. Bear. Diamond please. :)

 I am part of the Bear's family.

 This sofa is so huge and comfy. Bigger than my bed.

 Hi Shrek and Fiona. 
( Bear version )
Bye Shrek and Fiona.

 I was kind of burst out laughing when I bumped into these bears with wigs lolol.
Too funny weyy.

 But no kidding, you look pretty.
Love your crown.

 A little door gift. :D

End this post with my cool picture riding motorbike.

Guys and girls, story in Jeju to be continue in next post.
Enjoy reading.
Love ya. xoxo.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The beautiful island, Pulau Redang

Had a short escape to one of the beautiful islands in Malaysia, Pulau Redang couple days ago. It was indeed a super fun and memorable trip for me and seriously I don't feel like leaving at all. I can just totally let my mind go  blank and relax my body when I was in that island. Urghh I start missing it already. :/

Lolol the only drawback of the trip is I need to sacrifice my fair and smooth skin in order to get to enjoy those relaxing and wonderful moments. Worth or not? Lolol . Hmm I think once in a while is worth la. :p

You know what? After back from the trip I need to everyday apply mask and this morning I just went for facial. What a big trade-off hur. :/  

Start this blog post with my face. I know you all miss me. 
Yes you are welcome lol. :)

Cafeteria of the resort which we staying. 
Got to enjoy the great sea view and feel the sea breeze while dining.
Not bad hur.

Redang Holiday resort

Beach view.
Love coconut tree.
Is that possible for me to grow a coconut tree in my garden?
If yes it will be amazing.

Who is this fat handsome beach boy?
Awww... *heart heart heart*

Beach hat is a must for vacation.
Yes you are right it is the same beach hat that I wore to Korea.
Love this picture of us so much!

This hat is also suitable for guy to wear. Super adorable. So useful right lol.
And and and not forget to intro to you guys my new love: super cool sunglasses.
Nice or not haha this is my first Ray Ban eyewear.

Fat boy can fell asleep anywhere.
Yes. Even on beach chair. Tsk tsk tsk.

A beautiful shot of flower.

My shy friend Ming Ming.
I think this is the first time he appears in my blog.
Appear more in future okayyyy.

Twinsy rockzz.
We were both in super crop top and short pants.
I can't help but always fated to look huge standing beside her.
Why she so slim oh my gawt.

Just another couple picture. :D

Holding little new born sea turtle in my hand.
So freaking cute!!


The only group photo of us.
Luckily it look nice. 

The love bird.

Show you guys some underwater pictures. We rent an underwater camera and snapped a lot pictures while snorkeling. That was my first time went snorkelling so I was in fact pretty nervous but once I got into the water, the amazing underwater view totally impressed me.

Till that time only I understand why some people love diving so much. How I wish I know how to dive. 
Awww put it into 2014 new year resolution hahaha.

Me and sam sam

Me and sam sam again.
Wanna know how I manage to recognize myself?
Haha look at my fat thigh. >.<


Love this shot very much. 

Bear bear go snorkeling together with us. :D
The only difference is she no need to wear life jacket. 0.0

The love birds.


It is kinda hard to take pictures while in the sea cause will be nonstop hitting by sea wave and end up kept moving.

Group photo.
Awesome experience. :D

A guy dive into the water and help us took this picture. 

Friendship forever guys and girls.
Love ya.

End of this post.
Happy reading :D

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