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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

USS third visit

Time flies and this week is already second week of 2013. Kinda fast!! However this post I'm still blogging about my December. My wonderful December. December is forever a great month for me because the romantic Christmas celebration fall on this month and also New Year Eve which can let us party All-Night-Long!! Much much lovesss.

Oh well this post I'm gonna blog about my visit to USS in December.
This was my third time been to Universal Studio Singapore. Went there three times in one year time. A little bit too much hurr? Actually I am kinda refused to go but what to do? My baby sister was coming over to Singapore and I had to bring her there.

So, here we go. Before I start, I gotta say that was the most expensive visit ever!! Two of us spent more than 100 SGD in the park EXCLUDE our park tickets. Spent-like-a-boss. LOL

As usual, took some pictures with the rotating globe before we entered the park.
We both were excited. Very berry excited.
Although that place is not new for me anymore but well, maybe that is the amazing part of this theme park.
You can go there many many times and still feel happy like that was your first time.
Or is that only apply on me? Idk,

First character that we met - Kungfu Panda.
Okay I know I posted twice my picture with him.
But, bear with me, kay?
Here we go. My third picture with adorable Kungfu Panda. :D
Shall I just do a blog post to combine all the pictures with same character but I am in three different outfit?
Haha Not a bad idea though.

I know I will have forth visit because of this. New show which is going to perform by sesame street characters.
Stay tune peeps.
It is not open yet. **wink**

New phototaking spot.
The photographer asked us to change pose it is.
LOL we don't really had a different pose just that we shifted our location from side of cookie monster to side of Big Yellow Bird.
Ehem ehem...I don't know it's name.
Anyone of you know??
I'm not a fans of them. I only love Hello Kitty. LOL
Anyway recently also think that Rilakuma kinda cute. 

Selca of the day woohoo.
Shimmering top from random blogshop, high waist pants from Topshop and shoes from Birkenstock.
At first I wanna dressed really pretty for that day but ended up I chose a more comfortable outfit.

Baby sister. She insisted she wanna buy that headband and forced me to buy together. =.=
So she chose elmo and I chose cookie monster.
Anyhow, after the whole day we were so happy that we actually bought it because we drew the attentions of those characters in park and they paid special attention to us.
**shy shy**

I love how they dressed up and performed in front of a huge beautiful Christmas tree.
Their winter attires and the Christmas decoration made me feel like Christmas is really really really near. :D
p/s: I know Christmas passed long long time ago but... this is a late late late post so... yea. :p

Cookie Monster.

What? You thought Elmo didn't dress up?
No no no... Elmo was actually wearing a green colour Christmas hat lol.

I felt so warm by just purely standing beside him.
Nooo!! Don't wanna let go my hand!!!! 

Furry Furry Cookie Monster.
He so "qiao" keep on move here move there pretend he was shy. >.<

My sister's love.
Elmo and Joey were in matching outfit. I am the spoiler of this photo. Muahaha.
Who cares?! 

This character was so naughty. He asked us to kiss his cheek after we finished taking picture with him.
Oh well we did accordingly what he asked but... feel weird to kiss a mascot.

Fair lady with tanned lady.
Which skin colour you prefer? Haha.

I love love love this picture.
We bought a picture with frame printed by the park cause it is just too pretty.
We both think that we shall keep it.
This contribute to part of the money we spent there. >.<

What is the name of this character anyone of you know?
He is extremely extremely naughty.
Anyway I gotta say worth buying that headband because we drew his attention and that enabled us to cut the queue.
We were suppose to be at the middle of the queue but suddenly he looked at us and shouted to the staff and said:
"Go get me the girls with eyes on their head!I am hungry!"
LOL and everyone know that he was referring to us.
We both were so stunned and after dragged by the staff to his side, he pulled my headband and told me he is hungry.

Lunch time. Yum Yum Yum.

December. Christmas month. Snowing is a must.
There is no snow in Singapore but artificial snow every few hours duration in the park successfully made everyone happy.
Include me.
Snowing for 15 minutes and everyone busy took pictures.
Merry Christmas!

Baby sister.
Outfit of the day: A&F t-shirt, Topshop high waist pants, Marc by Marc Jacob handbag and Shoes from Vans.

I looked a bit over-excited? Lmao

Not forgot to have some selca with the snow. :D

High 5 High 5.

Cute Cute hippo.
No caption lol dunno what to write.

Penguins dancing.
I love them!!!!

Well below are our pictures with Madagascar characters. Enjoy :D

The night ended with a show performed by lovely ladies and cute guys following by light up of Christmas tree.
An awesome show and we enjoyed it very much.

End my post with this picture.
Let me present to you Alex - the Lion.
We bought Alex for our brother hehehe.
He love it so much so much and nowadays he carry Alex with him no matter where he go.

That's all for my third visit.
I din really posted all the pictures lol.
Happy reading. :D Best Blogger Tips

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jose and Deli Eatery

That's such a long time since I last updated my blog. My life was full of tests and exams before my semester break start so I can hardly had time to blog even a little. In addition, I don't think anyone interested to read my blog post which write about stressful life in facing different kind of tough test papers lol. Is there any? Haha. After my holiday started, my life again full with outings with friends ad family and TVB dramas. So....

Uhm hmm.. Shall I just admit it and shout out loudly that I am lazy?
Oh yea, I am lazy. >.<
Lazy to move, lazy to walk, lazy to do anything. Well holiday is suppose to be lazy right? **wink**

So... what made me feel like blogging today is that I went to a extremely ultimately very beautiful vintage bistro "Jose and Deli" this morning and I really really really want share those pictures with you guys. I love that place so much so much it just catch my heart once I stepped in idk why. Hope you will like the place same as I do.
Now, let those pictures do the talking. :))

My favorite picture among all. Nice right?
Jose and Deli Eatery.
It is located inside French Hotel.

Bicycle. I uploaded two versions for this picture because I love both and I can't choose which one is nicer.
Which one you prefer?
Of course, you can choose to dislike both also haha.

Version two.

Comfortable chatting place.

They are selling lots and lots of handmade bread and cookies.

My brunch. Taste good!! Taste very very good!!

Cousin sis's brunch.
She say it tasted good too.

Dessert : Tiramisu.

Do we look alike?? :)

We three.
Sis, me and cousin.

She always shy to take picture hahaha.

End this post with this over-exposed picture.
I lost my nose lmao.

This is a short post flooded with pictures.
Happy reading and stay tune for my next post lol.
I'm gonna blog about my third visit to USS with my sis. :D

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