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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Number 76 @ Mid Valley.

Hohoho almost come to the end of December, which mean the end of 2013. Oh my gawttt how can time passes so fast! I am turning 23. How can it be huh? It is like I was still wearing my secondary school uniform yesterday, then when I woke up from sleep this morning, I'm already an undergraduate student. :/

Okay back to the topic, if you know me well or you STALK me frequently😏😏😏 Haha I bet you realize that my hair is always dye with different colour.  I can never go back to black I think because black hair made me look so tanned. With lighter shade on my hair, I look fairer. By knowing this fact, how is that possible for me to stop dyeing lol. As almost every girl in this world looking for whitening products, dye hair is my secret weapon. Don't believe it? Show you my picture in black hair color.

With flash, not too bad? Haha

My face look so dirty in this picture but in fact I already applied bb cream on it. Nineteen years old me. I looked dirty with black hair haha idk why.

Usually I dye my hair in a saloon in First Garden, but due to some reasons, I think I'm not gonna visit the saloon anymore. Then my sister recommend me this well -known japanese saloon in KL, Number 76. Sounds familiar to many of you I bet. I heard of this saloon from a lot of pretty bloggers and I do follow instagram of some of the stylists, and I love their work. Since now they are having promotion - A member who bring along a friend for first time visit, both can get 20 percent discount, and my sister is their member, so I decided to pay a visit. Before I made an appointment online, I do some research on Google to see which stylist I want.

Guess who's my stylist? Hehe Odera San.

On that day itself, because I'm not too sure what I want to do to my hair, I asked for the stylist opinion. He checked my hair by keep touching it and compared to my skin tone for so long to figure out what suit me more haha. So shy. 

He is a Japanese so we have to communicate in English. After a while he came out with 2 colours for me: copper brown or ash brown. I actually think ash brown would be so nice but according to him, ash brown doesn't last long like copper brown do. Since I'm going to intern in Singapore next semester and not able to come back Msia often, I picked copper brown. Copper brown is dark brown colour with slightly reddish. I will leave ash brown or another crazier colour for next time maybe? Haha.

From what I know ( price according to my hair length ),
Normal dye (for my case) : RM260
Dye with highlight             : RM260 + RM100
Dye and bleach                   : RM260 + RM260

*Bleach is same price as dye. If need to bleach more than once, for example twice, price will be RM260 × 2. And add to the price of dye, so total up will be 260 + 520. 

Anyway I am just providing a rough price guideline here so if you want to know the exact price of your dream hair, it is always better to drop by their saloon for FREE consultation. =)

I also decided to add collagen into my hair dye. The price of adding collagen is RM25 which I think very reasonable. It is just like feeding my hair with nutrients lol like how we drink collagen for better skin condition. And I also did their famous ultrasonic treatment to pamper my hair, which a lot of people call that Magic treatment. Indeed, it is really a magic. My hair become so silky and smooth after the treatment.  Met boyfriend just now and he also can't help but keep rubbing my hair haha. Proud of it. The magic treatment costs RM250 and the effect can last for a month. At first I also think that the price very high and I don't wanna try it, but now I'm not regret at all. It worth the price. Finally I know why everybody go for this treatment even though it is not cheap. 一分钱一分货。

Picture took from their website. =p

I really like their service and that's the first time I feel like falling asleep when the friendly staff was washing and rinsing my hair. Normally I would just feel so uncomfortable when someone rinse my hair in other saloons but definitely not in Number 76. They even help me to cover a blanket lol. I feel like I'm at home sleeping on my bed. Love their head massage as well.

Picture of me before hair dye and treatment. 

Another thing that I love about this saloon is I never feel any discomfort when they comb my hair. I'm not too sure whether am I the only unlucky one or everybody else with long hair experience this - that's when somebody comb my hair after wash, I have to tolerate with some level of pain. Mainly due to my hair is quite damaged and extra patience have to be given in order to comb my hair. I hate it when the saloon people just comb it without care about my feeling. 我觉得如果你连头发都不懂怎样去爱惜,我根本不想让你碰我的头发。This is actually also one of the reasons I don't want go to the old saloon that I usually like to visit so much anymore. And I am glad that staff from 76 saloon didn't fail me. My hair is so precious in their eyes. :")

Waiting waiting...

This is the outcome. My hair look healthier with this darker shade of color. =)

Love how my hair was curled.

Before I leave, I got my receipt together with a member card and 4 mini bottle of homecare treatment. Being their member get to enjoy an ultrasonic treatment worth RM250 for free in birthday month and other privileges. Such a wonderful birthday gift haha. My sister said better than Topshop which only offer their member 20 percent discount lmao. :3

That day my sister also tagged along to redeem her free ultrasonic treatment and also cut her hair and did Tansan hair spa(sparkling scalp experience). Tansan treatment only cost RM25 and it's a treatment for you to remove dirt on your scalp. 

She said her scalp can breath after the treatment wth. 

Does she look cute after cut? Haha. 

That's all for my first visit. Might go there again to do digital perm cause they are having weekday promotion now! Excited! If you feel like trying their service, remember book appointment(better two or three days before) so that you can grab a slot with your favourite stylist. =)  

There are 4 branches of Number 76:
Mont Kiara
Mid Valley
Bangsar 2

Website of Number 76:

Picture of me and my hair 2 days after the visit. =D

Everything is good except terribly damaged end of my hair.  Lolol ultrasonic also cant save it. The only way to save it is cut it away. T_T
One day... One day I will go and cut it... One day. =3

Enjoy reading. =)

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Surprise

I just landed in Changi Airport half an hour ago and heading back to city now inside the mrt. Since I'm so free I decided to blog using my phone. Yeah for the first time. Because this phone is so convenient and smart and I love it so much, I wanna try to use it to blog. See whether I will love my phone more after this or I will start to hate it haha fml.  Because I actually have an Ipad mini and I had once tried to use it to blog, I would say that it is so terrible. Ever since then I decided to stick back to my laptop. So okay note3, please don't failed me lol.

Just back from a 3 days trip in KL to meet all the people I love. In fact this is actually a surprise trip I would say. Every one that close to me know that I will be flying to KL in last Friday morning except one person - my fat boy. Haha. I already planned this for quite a long time and few days ago before my flight, I told Sam to go Sunway Pyramid meet up my sister on Friday to get his birthday present from her. ( Saturday is his birthday). Everything run smoothly and he never realized he was slowly falling into my trap. I also told him not to find me on Friday from 10-12 ( the time which I will be on plane ) and give him the reason that I will be going for my second hair removal treatment with girlfriend in Orchard lol.

Once I landed at the airport.l, I took a cab to Sunway Pyramid and hid at a corner near the place where he was told to meet my sis. I was freaking excited and nervous that time by kept wondering what will be his facial expression when he see me fml. The moment when he turned over and saw me standing in front of him worth everything!!!!! He first showed no expression like cannot recognize me for few seconds and then stunned standing there. He didn't move at all until I went near him and hug him lol. So so so funny.  After I hug him then his face turned so red like tomato.

Where got people so cute one haha. After that I asked him what was in his mind when he first saw me, he said first question he asked himself was "where am I now". Then after that his mind went totally blank. Haha so cute. Of course, he kept nag me for lie to him these few days (as expected ). =(
Never mind I am willing to bear the consequences because his stunned expression worth everything. Haha.

I enjoyed myself so much in KL lolol. Ate good food for every meal and daddy mummy even brought along didi to visit me in KL yesterday. This is going to be a long long post cause I wanna blog every single little things that happened. :)

Selfie in the car.

After fat boy realized that he wasn't in dream and I am a real person standing in front of him, we went Manhattan for our lunch. Then, went for a movie called "Free Bird" after lunch. What's interesting is... after we watched the movie for around 40 minutes, suddenly lights all on inside the cinema and person in charge requested us to leave. There was a spot check from dunno what kementerian negeri and the cinema in fact not yet got the licence to play this movie in public. So we watched for 40 minutes and we got our money refund. Not bad haha. 赚到了

My driver. :p

This movie actually not bad.
The Great Turkey. :D

Then at night, I brought baby boy to a restaurant located in KL city center named El - Cerdo to celebrate his birthday. It is a Spanish restaurant if I'm not mistaken haha. I chose that place because the restaurant famous of pigs and fat boy love pigs so much. The price is above average and the food is actually not that impressive, but I think their service and ambience are really good. Rate them 9 out of 10. The only drawback is not much parking at that area so we forced to pay 20 to park at a private car park. Why KL parking so expensive one.


We ordered their signature dish - Roasted Suckling Pig ( half piglet for 2 pax ) as our main dish. When it is served, one has to use a plate to cut the piglet for three times, and then make a wish, break it and throw it into a bucket. By doing this, it is believed that you can shooo all your badluck away.

Specially for Pork Lover.

It served with salad.

Below are some photos of fat boy smashing plate to gain more luck hahaha. I actually recorded a video for that but lazy to upload. The awesome thing about my phone is it able to take picture at the same time when you are recording. Yes. Record video and take photo at the same time. Love it so much.

So here you go. 

 First, cut the pork for three times.

 Then, throw it into a bucket.

Make a wish and DONE.
Happy Birthday Sam.

After Sam break the plate, the cheerful waiter helped to cut the pork nicely and served again.


I looked terrible but this is the only picture of us. >.<

And I am in the mood of having some wine that night. Then the waiter recommended this.

The waiter told us this is a kind of Spanish wine which most people like to order. I think it tastes good as in it tastes like champagne or mixed fruit juice with a little bit liquor inside. Still complained to fat boy that it doesn't taste like an alcoholic beverage at all. Who knows the drunk feeling came really sudden.  After I drank for like half cup, I suddenly feel so hot and feel like sleeping lolol.

Moral of the story: don't look down on wine that don't tastes like wine hahaha.  后劲特别强。

Then when we asked for our bill after dinner, all staff kept let us waiting. We waited for like 15 minutes and we became super duper impatient. What was in our mind was that the restaurant staffs are so inefficient. After a while, they suddenly served us a plate with two shots and one piggy on it together with a candle. Oh my god we feel so bad for thinking of them that way. They were actually busy preparing the birthday surprise for fat boy. All the staffs even came to our table and sing Sam a birthday song. So touching. Thank you El Cerdo you all are so nice. I will definitely go back again. *wipe my tears*

After that we went Sunway Pyramid again to catch a late night movie - Free Birds (the same movie haha).



Next day, woke up at 11 something and went Subang with fat boy to fetch sister for brunch. We went a place that I wouldn't miss each time I visit KL, which is Uncle Jang.

Nice anot. My skill so good haha.

But then who knows shit happened. We parked our car in Mont Kiara car park and fat boy used Touch and Go to drive in. But then the card spoilt after our lunch dunno why and end up we couldn't got out of the shitty car park. Talked to the security guard and he insisted want us to pay 30 as in he wanna handle our case as lost ticket case wth. I was so freaking angry that time and kept argue with him. As for me, 30 is very small amount but I don't think this is the way to handle the problem. I know we have some responsibility as that's our fault for damage our own Touch and Go card, but CCTV is there and they should have bear a part of their responsibility to go and check the CCTV out to know that we were not lying.  Shitty guard said CCTV only can be check on next Monday and he cannot do anything. Some more he said a lot of people lost their parking ticket also said that they came in using Touch and Go wth. Okay fine. We paid. Just hope that if their CCTV put there is actually for nothing then they might as well just throw it away. He say he will refund to us if he checked and found out we really use our own Touch and Go to enter the car park. Okay fine let's just wait. 破财挡灾

Smile even thing goes wrong. 

My driver. Handsome anot! He was wearing my birthday gift.
 He is a die hard Liverpool fan. :3

After such thing happened that spoiled our mood, we went Publika to have some nice coffee to cheer ourselves up. Always wanted to go Coffee Stain by Joseph and then...ta-dang, I am finally here.

 The picture of us with me pointing at the bear. hahaha.

 My hot chocolate with a fat kitty floating and smiling. 
Nice hor.

Pity bear which struggling inside the hot chocolate. :0

And sister's latte.

If you are wondering why her latte look so boring...
They only made such 3D coffee art on hot chocolate drink. That's why. :D

Sister also bought 4 cupcakes for me and Sam from Wondermilk @ Publika.

 Tastes good but it is a little bit too sweet for me.

Can't take it haha.

At night, I went BBQ together with Sam's housemates to celebrate Sam birthday. Always love BBQ especially BBQ that has a lot of bacon. But then I didn't bring my phone so no picture. :/
One thing to highlight: Sam kena threw into the pool lolol. Got all wet! 

Post updated with photo. Just got from fat boy.

And the next day, daddy mummy brought didi to visit me in KL. We met up in Pavilion for brunch.

As always. My family's favourite lolol.

Love the Christmas decoration in Pavilion so much.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. *love*

After brunch, daddy said he wanna go PWTC to see the International Motor Show but he was too lazy to drive there. For the very first time in our life, we took taxi together.

In the huge taxi. 
Lolol take taxi also so excited.

Unfortunately when we reached there, the building blackout and forced to close. =.=

---Continue blog on the other day---

Can't believe such big event also will face this kind of problem. Speechless. Wasted 40 bucks.

After we decided not to wait, we took LRT from there to KLCC. Great adventure for my family.

Lolol tourist photo in LRT station.

My sweet baba and mama.

And my little fat brother. *pinch*

Can you believe we actually had so much fun snapping photos inside the train lol.

Then, I got the greatest gift this year from my lovely parents in KLCC.

My first bag from this shop.
I actually want to buy this long ago but super Em Seh Dak. Can't describe how happy I am when daddy brought me into the shop and asked me to just choose. Awww~ Christmas gift comes early. That's why I love Christmas. :p

My beautiful sister.

That's all for my 3 days in KL.

Overall my first blogging experience using Note 3 is good. Haha easy to use and screen is big. But of course cannot compare with laptop. All photo in this post taken using Note 3. The quality is superb I can start to  abandon my G12 already!

Okay time to back to study.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I lose weight

Warning: This is a post which full of my selca. Press the x button if you don't wanna hurt your eyes lol.

Two more weeks to my first paper. I think everyone can imagine how high is my stress level now. Always have love-hate relationship with final exam. Love it because after that I can fly back and enjoy my holiday in Malaysia. And the reason I hate it, I think no need for me to explain here. I assume everyone should know the reason.

Exam sucks! Well I think I have more hate than love obviously.

Feel so lifeless recently. All I need to do after open my eyes every morning is study study study. Non stop doing tutorials and past year papers made me insane. And you know what? Finally one good thing happened on Sunday. I need to go Tampines to settle some stuff and on my way back, I went Topshop which located in Tampines mall just right beside the MRT station and at the end shop some pants for myself.

High waist pants are my forever love.

For me, Topshop's high waist pants have the best cutting among all. Always fit me so well. Just that I always feel heart pain to spend on their pants because those pants are not cheap. Okay maybe is cheap for you but not for me lol. I am poor kid. But I am so lucky that Topshop is having promotion recently so I got to buy the second item at half price. Happy die. Ori price is 69sgd and I bought it at 35sgd. If I convert to MYR I got like around 100 myr discount. So worth it lah and the pants are all so nice. =D

Got myself a black one also.

Hoho. Another thing that I want to share is I got to fit myself in two inches smaller pants. Happy die again. lol. And weight officially dropped to around 50 kg. What a nice number to end my 2013. Maintain maintain maintain or drop more please. Haha slap myself for being so annoying. ( even use such annoying title for this post fml ) :p

Nonstop selca hahaha :p

My weight was 55kg few months ago. So can you imagine how happy am I now? I don't know when will my weight increase again. Maybe later? Maybe tomorrow? Well I think I just need to enjoy and be as annoying as I can when I am still 50 kg. Hahaha. My height is 166 cm so I think 50 kg is appropriate for me lah. Hard works paid off. =)

What else I want to crap. Oh yea I changed my phone. It is amazing and I can't tell how much I love it. Especially the S pen. It is not just a pen, it is a S pen. So smart and convenient to use. Not planning to share a lot about it because I am lazy to do so but if you are interested you can go and search online to know more about its amazing features. But the phone really take nice picture anywhere anytime.

I randomly took a picture under the big sun when I was walking and turned out the photo looked so good. Phone camera is seriously very important for me lol.

Hair dry like grass though. :3

Just finished one presentation this morning and have to submit assignment later. Due tomorrow but I haven't finish it. T___T


Another random picture took using the phone after presentation.
Not bad hur. Haha.
*slap myself*

Oh yea one more thing to share. I am seriously in love with Tom Hiddleston recently. Why can he be so cute! I simply cannot decide who I love more now. Robert Downey Jr or him. Haha. In case you don't know, I am big fan of The Avengers. =X

Dear Loki, after you take over Asgard planet and finally be the king, can I be your queen?
Smile to me if you agree. 

 Yesssss he agreed!
Okay finished crap. Have to continue study.
Weekend can you please come faster. I want to give myself a reason to slack.
Simply because weekend is not for study. Is all about go out and have fun! lol


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