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Friday, October 26, 2012

Everything with Fries

Met up with my bunch of high school friends few months ago and we had a special guest that night. Gotta say thanks to that special guest for gathered we all to have a dessert date in Holland Village. In fact although I am staying in the same campus with my Twinsy and Sugar but we seldom meet up or bump into each other in school, not to say with those who studying in another university. So that was a really rare gathering I would say. :D

Met up with them after they had their dinner and it took us such a long time to decide where to have our desserts. And finally, we chose this cafe called "Everything with Fries". Actually not to say we chose it but this shop strongly recommended by Pupu so yea... we decided to have a try.

Six of us in the cafe. Spot who was our special guest of that night? Ta dang~ Little cutie Wan Lim. She visited us in Singapore during her school holiday but I only managed to spend very little time with her because I was so busy that few weeks. I am sorry darling! Please please please please come again okay? mixiu mixiu.

Sugar Lulu and Twinsy. Haha staring at this picture made me laugh like mad. Ladies and gentlemen, I will like to draw all your attention from that two bella to that handsome guy on the left. LMAO Did yo notice something? Two bella were busy chatting with us but Sugar was holding his folk and desperately staring at that slice of cake. I think he wanted to eat that cake so badly but we all busy chatting and nobody start to eat  so he pai seh... LOL I don't know is it true la but I believe... Pictures don't lie. **wink**

Happy tree three family. :') I miss you both I miss you both. Really thankful that I was in the same class with you guys during high school. Although we are all far away from each others, but memories won't fade, friendships too. All those crazy moments, all those tear-dropping-non-stop pillow talks, all spend-like-a-boss outing in expensive restaurants, all club-and-drunk-like-nobody-business party, all fun times we had in class....everything everything that we all been through together, I will never forget no matter what.
Thank for entered my life. :)
Heart you guys.

Well I seem a bit out of topic LOL let me show some pictures of desserts which we ordered that night. Please forgive me I can't remember its name and I don't even remember its taste. =.= I just remembered everything tasted good that night maybe because my best friends were beside me except NICOLE CHANG! If you are reading this Nicole Chang I miss you. :'(

#2 I named it dessert number 2. :p
Nevermind la dessert look nice then can already. Even you don't know what it exactly is but still you will want to eat if it look nice right? Applied to all girls I bet? Unless you are not a dessert lover then... Well, this theory will not work on you.

 #3 Called it dessert number 3 seem a bit main stream haha I want to called it dessert 2.1. lmao
Erm I rate it 100 marks although I forgot how it tasted like! :p Haha because of this quote "很多时候我们吃东西吃的是心情,不是味道。" by me. **wink**

 Dessert number 4. I name it Pupu 2.2. Seriously I am not kidding you he shall be consider as dessert because Lulu always said he is yummy. Hahahaha. Anyway this dessert is kind of 眼看手勿动 category because he only belongs to "someone". What a crazy friend I have lol hope he won't blame me for upload this picture. :p

This is not a dessert but a shake. What shake? First try-- Nutella shake. LOL go try it out if you are a fans of nutella.

Four of us. This picture is not complete without Nicole Chang. Can't wait to go back in December meet up all my babies and have lots lots fun together again. Girlfriends for life. :D

That's all.
Happy reading. :D

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zoo Date

So excited so excited that I am gonna blog about my first visit to Singapore Zoo. Actually I should be studying now but then...I am not motivated to do anything so I guess blogging can help me to kill some time. :p
Personally think that the Zoo is awesome and seriously I can't wait to pay my second visit there just to have a look of the two panda bears. As fat boy is having 3 weeks semester break, so he planned to spend a week here in Singapore and I was extremely happy when he told me this. Yay! Then I quickly googled what places I can go with him and you know what...we both agreed to spend a day in Singapore Zoo. :D

Before that we kept googled how to reach that place and we had plan A and plan B. Plan A was take bus from the nearest MRT station and Plan B was take cab instead of bus. At last, we selected plan B cause it seems more convenient and enable us to cut down travel time. 

 Start this blog post with my camwhore picture. LOL
Took this picture while waiting for the cab and my ootd was moustache shirt, short pants and flip flop.
That day was a sunny day :)

Then, we had our breakfast there in zoo. The food actually tasted good or is it because we were too hungry?
 Anyway the price is reasonable. Nasi Lemak.

 My breakfast set.  :D
Healthier much than fat boy punya nasi lemak. Hor? Haha.

Mandrill and Zebra printed on our tickets.
We bought the zoo package which include unlimited tram rides and unlimited boat rides.
The tickets cost us 27 SGD each.
But in fact we only manage to take one boat ride and one complete tram ride in the zoo.

 Me again with Zoo tickets. lol lol

Fat boy was enjoying his Nasi Lemak. Yum Yum.

Well, after finished our breakfast, we started to plan our route so that we will not miss any show and can feed some cute animals. Feeding time and showtime are all printed clearly behind the map. :D

I spotted some cute kindergarten kids queuing outside the zoo lol they are so adorable hahaha. 
Can't resist their cuteness so took a picture of them.
Took hundred plus pictures inside the zoo but then I only uploaded some of my favourite animals' pictures. 

Pig. I forgotten its name I am so sorry =.=
The first animal I saw in the zoo.

White tiger white tiger.
Seriously I was so excited when I saw this white tiger as I never met any white tiger before in real life.
Its fur its colour look so nice oh I love.
Fat boy kept on say he want jump into the water swim together with that tiger. =.=
He was excited too lol.

Another white tiger. 
This white tiger seems so lazy it didn't move at all it just keep on lick its own feet.
But then white tiger stand there only also look so nice that's so unfair haha.
White tiger, your fur look so soft I wanna cuddle you can or not???
Me with colourful fishes. :)
The aquarium is so huge and the water inside is so clear. 

Know what is this? Hippo!!!!!!
I was so excited when I saw hippo because I swear I never met hippo with such a close distance before. 
It is so so close you know?

Hippos in the same giant aquarium and it was like...just right beside me.
Oh my gosh I wanna touch its butt hahaha big butt.

Fishes massaging hippo.
Fat boy said he also want let those fishes to massage him he wanna be hippo. =.=
He seems interested to become many different kind of animal since that moment we stepped into the zoo.

Sweet kiss. Awww I jealous. :/

Kangaroo!!!! LOL took picture with a fake one.

Oh I love kangaroo!!!!!

Close up. So cute!

Take 2.
I am so regret that I missed the first session of feeding. The second session of feeding was cancelled due to rain. T_T
I want feed you lah baby kangaroo. :'(

Mua fat boy. :)
I don't know why he pose like this. =.=

Nubian Ibex.
I love their impressive horns.
Wondering if I can have such horns to be attach to my head, how heavy would it be?!?!

Baboon. Lots of baboon. Lots and lots and lots of baboon.
I remember I read something which said that only the one with the biggest and reddest butt can be the king.

They stay beside a waterfall. Made me think of the TVB drama.
猴子猴孙,花果山水帘洞。 :D

Another type of monkeys and they dressed up so nicely. 

Us. :)
Sweating like nobody's business. I always have a love hate relationship with the sun lol.

Who don't love Penguin? Haha. 
They were dancing. 

Giant tortoises. 0.0

So huge right?

You know what?
I read something funny about the crocodile. I was like..."WOW!"
Gender depend on temperature. Amazing.

Then, we had our lunch in KFC. The tart tasted good but cheesy fries "ma ma dei".
I don't know why they dont sell cheesy wedges in Singapore KFC.  

Although unlimited boat rides were included in our zoo packages, but we only manage to take round trip for one time.
Money wasted. >.<
Anyway, nice breeze for a hot day

Giraffe feeding time. It is like you pay 5sgd then you can stand beside the giraffes, take picture with them and feed them.
But then I was too scare to join the feeding session.
If that giraffe bite my hand how? If that giraffe lick my face how?
Its tongue is so freaking long!

Close up.
I never got so close with a giraffe before hehe.
Anyway I am not willing to get any closer.

King of the jungle with me. Call me queen of the jungle!!!LOL
I think this was also the shortest ever distance between me and a lion.
Bravo I am so brave. :p

Handsome boy.

Fat boy and leopard.
Aww I love leopard print. ~~~ <3 p="p">Ehem...I love fat boy as well. :p


Ugly pic.

So lucky that when we reached, the feeding session started.
They were all so active. :D

Ring-tailed lemur!!! You sure recognize them if you are a fans of Madagascar!!
Very very cute!

Splash show.
Can you pose like this?

Then, we had pizza as our dinner.

Visit to zoo was so fun!!! I want to go again I want I want! LOL
Anyway, that's all!
Happy reading. :D

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