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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hi people. Few weeks since I last blogged, it's time for me to write a new post. Feel so stress recently because of academic stuffs, CCA stuffs and many other tiny little thing in my life. Sometime I just feel like I'm an over-inflated balloon which gonna burst anytime. Fortunately I am a lucky girl and I have a lot of supporting friends and people who I love around me. Thank you so much. :)

Today, I'm gonna blog about my 3 days trip to KL during Hari Raya. Singapore only have one day holiday for Raya celebration and it fell on Sunday so that was a long weekend for me. Therefore, I decided to take the opportunity to go KL meet all my lovesss. Of course, lovesss here refer to my fat boy and also...... my family!!!! I'm so happy that after I asked permission from mummy to go KL meet my baby boy, mummy who miss me so much also dragged along my daddy to KL just to meet me up. :D

I took bus to KL and it took me about 5 hours to reach. Extremely tiring journey. :(
Fat boy then picked me up from TBS and straightaway brought me to Paradigm Mall. LOL It is because I wanna try the food in Plan B restaurant so so so so badly.

One of the food we ordered that day. Eggs benedict!!!!
By looking at this picture now, I feel hungry.
So sad that my iphone battery was running down that time so I din take much picture.

Then we went to watch Expandable. Honestly what I can remember about the movie was there were a lot of bloody scenes.
And yeah, after that we had our dinner in Bar-B-Q Plaze.
Oh my god I love this restaurant so much.
The sauce they provided is the main attraction.

After met up with my parents, we went this bak kut teh restaurant located in Pavilion for breakfast.
The food is not bad but the price is not cheap.
I don't know maybe it is cheap for you guys but not for me. :p

We stayed in Grand Millennium Hotel which just next to Pavilion and sadly, this is the only picture of us altogether, in the lobby of the hotel.
My family. <3 br="br">Sorry for the bad quality of picture.
My parents. :)

LOL. This is me in the hotel room.
Like the lighting because it made me look fairer and like this angle because it made my face look slimmer.
I had nothing to say if you still think my face look HUGE in this picture. lol
I already tried my very best. :'(
Look at my elder fat boy and he was pressing his phone.
Seem busy huh.

Look at my younger fat boy and he was watching LION KING.
Seem busy, too.
No one is free to entertain me so I FORCE to continue selca.
Bad quality picture. Took using Iphone 4 front camera.

And halfway, the naughty boy came and disturbed me after the show ended.
Mummy came our room KACAU me also. Haha
She want to take picture together with me. XD

Fat boy's turn. =.=


View from hotel room.
I want go shop again!!!!!

Another day.
We wore this and hang out together. **blushes**

My sweet mummy.

Dessert in 许留山
Mango mango mango. Everything about mango.

 That's all for my trip.
  I enjoyed the trip so much because I able to spend some quality time with all my lovess.
  Happy reading. :)

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