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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

21st Birthday

I have a very blissful 21st birthday this year. I had received so much love not only from my family, my boyfriend but also from all my best friends. It was so touching at the moment I received surprises from them. :) I just wanna write a simple post today to share with you guys all presents I received and how I celebrated my birthday this year.

First of all is my diamond key from parents. Love it so much till I am not willing to take it off.
A lot of people asking me the reason why people gotta put on a key necklace when they reach 21 and I believe the reason is when you reach age 21, you are consider old enough to be a key holder and thus hold a "symbolically" senior position in your family.
I am a senior now. LOL


Another great surprise is from my fat boy. That day he went my house to pick me out for brunch and then
 when he reached, he asked me to help him carry his laptop which is at the back of his car to put into my house. 
He always asked me to do so that's why I did according what he said without thinking. This was exactly what
 I saw when I open his back car door. I stunted there for some times. 

He is not a romantic person and he never be. I thought I will never receive any flowers from him but... ohmygosh the roses bouquet is so beautiful. I love it so much so much. He said 21 roses means wishing me happy 21st birthday. LOL

Made a wish. Made a wish.

Raspberry cheese cake.

Close up. :p

Then, when the clock strikes 12 in the midnight, I received a handmade birthday card from my good friend yet good coursemate Kit Fai. Seriously, it was so touching. Can you imagine a guy like him actually made this card? I will keep it well. I promise.

How cute.

3D cake. LOL

Besides, my bunch of best friends in NTU also gave me a surprise. They walked to my hall in early morning and sing birthday song for me together with this kawaii kitty cake. Love them so much. Love this cake more. :p


Last but not least, I received this from my Kuaika. Much lovess.
This is how the box look like.
Cuteness overload.

This is how inside of the box look like.
3 different flavor of seaweed.
Kitty miao Kitty miao.~~
I love this gift so much so much so much!!!!
Kitty is so cute and yet the seaweed inside is tasty.

Another box of seaweed. Also with kitty miao face on it. <3 br="br">I realized I start to have more and more kitty collection because of my bunch of best friends.
Thank you so much. I love you guys. <3 br="br">

That's all for this post.
Imma happy girl because I have all of them in my life. :)
Happy reading.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

USS 2012

Harlooo people. I'm back and blog again. I always want to find time to blog i swear but always end up I rather spent some time for me myself to have a good sleep cause I am so busy this few weeks. I am not lazy I really not. Trust me, would you? LOL. Anyway today I am gonna blog about my second visit to USS. Woohoo~

Universal Studio here I come. I love this BIG rotating Universal Studio globe which located right in front of the entrance. I personally think that the mist that coming out from the bottom of the globe is quite impressive. Do you? 

Tons of people queue for tickets early in the morning. Luckily we booked earlier.  

Group picture before got into USS. It is actually quite hard for us to take a perfect picture with this huge globe because it is keep rotating.

We met him right after we entered USS. Kungfu Panda. Fighting!!!
He is always so adorable. I love his tummy. Don't know whether he love mine. :p 


Sesame street store. Are you a fans of them? 

Elmo on my head. 0.0
Me cuter or Elmo cuter? LOL
Okay fine. Don't need to answer me.

Cookie monster & Elmo.
I love both.

The doll is so lovely. If I am fans of them I will definitely buy everything home. LOL


Street show. Oh my god.

They are dancing. 

..and talking to each other.

Show ended and we got a chance to take picture with human size Elmo!! very effing cute.
I don't want buy those doll size Elmo already can I bring this home??? Lmao
Another funny shot.

The boys with the elegant lady.

Oh yea then we went for Transformer Ride. The story telling start from the queue lines for Transformer the Ride.
The story goes as we sat on one of the robots, and our mission is to help the Autobots.
You will know what I mean if you watched Transformer movie.

Because the queue line is too long so we spent our time by taking lots of pictures.

Deco of the queue line. Personally think that it is quite cool. 

Finally it is our turn soon to get into the ride.
3D glasses on!!!
We are ready to save the world.
The ride is a fantastic 3D roller coaster rides with all its twist and turn. A very wonderful experience for us.

A picture with sexy Egypt girl when we were on our way to Mummy Ride. 

Castle. Who don't like castle? 

The boys.


Pretty Jen huey.


Handsome boy Joo Khim.
Oh my god everyone just look so lovely when they stand in front of the castle. 

We planned to have a jump shot in front of the castle but... Take one failed.

Take two... Failed as well.

Take 3. I will not admit that I am the spoiler of this picture. :p
p/s: Izaac Leong is so sexy.

Okay. Location changed.
This one quite successful right. :D

Then we went to Madagascar and queue for the Merry-Go-Round.
I know that this ride is so kiddy and maybe you guys already stopped playing for dunno how many years but it's no ordinary merry-go-round!
The characters of the film Madagascar, which we sat on, will rise and fall to the beat of music.
We actually enjoyed it quite much. 

I sat on grandma. Pity her. LOL

Madagascar store.

I actually wanna get the hat so much but it is quite expensive.
As I remember it is about 20sgd.
I'm poor student. >.<

Water world deco.

Our shoes. 

There are three color zones which you can choose.
Dry zone, partially wet zone or wet zone.
Caution: If you choose wet zone you will possible get soaked.  LOL
We chose partially wet zone.

Waiting for the show to start.

They sprayed water on us. >.<

Wet look.

A picture with miao miao.
p.s: I dunno his/her name. Paiseh


Mummy ride.

Human and Cylon.~~~




We are all prince and princess.

That's all. Let those pictures tell the story.
Goodbye USS.

Happy reading. :) Best Blogger Tips