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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday night

I am going back to Singapore tomorrow which means today is the last night I stay in Ipoh. Oh how I wish time can reversed and today is just the day my two months holiday starts. Like it or not I have to accept the fact that my holiday is ended. This whole day I have been very busy packing and now I am like finally pack almost all the thing. I am not sure whether is packing a tough job for you guys but it is definitely the toughest job for me ever. People might ask :" Why is it so difficult to pack? Just throw everything in lah~~~"

Okay. Fyi, if I really throw everything in, ten suitcases might not be enough for me. Gosh!! I just can't decide what is necessary for me to bring back and what is don't. I just can't choose among all the beautiful clothes which one I shall bring back and which one I shall left it here in Ipoh. Well, after struggled for one whole day my packing job is nearly done. Hooray~

Alright crap too much. Bear with me please. :p 
Few days ago I told mummy I must have Japanese food before I back to Singapore so last night she said to me why not we have our dinner in Oh Sushi. Imma a happy girl. I am proudly to say that I am a Japanese food lover and there is not a moment I do not crave for it.
Dolled up. No make up though. Probably because I only know how to make my face look worse with cosmetics but not the other way around. =.=
Stole this dress from sister's wardrobe because almost all my dresses are inside my luggage already. :p
There are some friends inbox me and ask where I got this dress after I posted my picture in Facebook so I tell you guys here . I remember my sister told me she got this dress from a classy boutique named Rock and Rose in Ipoh. :) Go find it out yourself if you are interested. 

My lovely parents. I helped them took several pictures and this is the most satisfying one. The reason is because my 
mom keep on complaint that her face look huge in those picture compared to my father's. So so so I asked my daddy
 to move his head slightly in front  and asked mummy tried her best to hide behind my dad. LOL. This is the outcome.
Did you notice that? :p They both love this picture.
But I gotta say no matter how, they both are forever that handsome and pretty and young in my heart. <3

Oh well now is me and fat boy's turn. Picture credit to handsome photographer - my dad. :p
Nowadays it is so hard to take a proper picture with my naughty brother so I am happy because he look kinda normal in this picture. If you aren't seeing him for a long time you must be shout at this picture and say "Oh my god why didi become so fat!!" LOL. He is still cute though don't worry. :D

The must-have-dish. Salmon sashimi.
Taste good good good. We finished eating this within a minute simply because this portion is not enough for us.
SO....Second plate please. :)
I never feel guilty when I eat a lot in a Japanese restaurant because all the food seem so healthy for me.
Not fattening at all!! I don't know is that true but this is what I think about Japanese food.

Yasai Miso Kaminabe
This is my mummy favorite.
Obviously it is a miso soup base mini steamboat in Japanese style. ( well, my kind of definition )
I can't give any comment about this dish because for me it is just a normal steamboat dish but instead of using curry soup base or tomyan soup base, they change it to miso.  That's it. LOL
Close up.

Kani Maki.
A super duper normal kind of sushi which I bet almost all of you eat this before.
Well, sometimes simplest is the nicest.  **crap**

Super "jeng" Soft Shell Crab Roll.
OMG this tastes awesome. Two out of four pieces crab roll was in my stomach. LOL

 Freshly grilled and sizzling hot scallop in teriyaki sauce served. Hotate Kushi.
The sauce is a bit too sweet for me so I still prefer fresh scallop sashimi. >.<

Ebi Tempura.
This is one of my all time favorite and I almost finished eating the whole plate by myself. Horrible. Right?
I know. :/

Shioyaki which also means salt-grilled salmon.
Everything is about Salmon. LOL

Tamago. My mum's all time favorite. :)

Forced brother to take picture with me halfway eating. :p
Take one.

...and take 2.
I will miss him badly after I back to Singapore. :/

Last one. Salmon and salmon belly sushi.
Again. I ate 6 out of 8 pieces of sushi. LOL
Call me fei po!
Anyway, mission accomplished and salmon craving satisfied .
Imma happy girl. :D

That's all for this post.
Happy reading. :)

p/s: Wish me safe journey back to Singapore tomorrow morning. :(

p/s p/s: Bye bye Ipoh friends. Bye bye lovesss.

p/s p/s p/s: P/S is so fun to use. LMAO =.=

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone. Two more days I will be in Singapore and whenever I think of this, it will immediately turn me into an emo kid. I really don't wanna go back. Really. But nothing can be change now. Flight ticket booked and a lot of stuffs waiting for me to be done there. In fact if I din sign up to be the committee of freshmen orientation camp, I can stay in Ipoh till mid of August. I can even celebrate my 21th birthday here with all my lovesss. Nevermind. Nevermind. I hope what I gain and experience soon during this coming senior camp and freshmen orientation camp worth it all. Say cheese~

Share with you guys my awesome weekend. My sister and boyfriend came back from KL last Friday and it is so exciting that I can met them before I leave. Imma happy girl. Boyfriend claimed that he wanna eat Dim Sum as breakfast last Saturday morning but he don't wanna step out of his house. =.= So his good good awesome girlfriend me became "24孝女朋友" that day just to serve him. I woke up early early in the morning and drove out to buy Dim Sum. The traffic along Dim Sum street is so hectic I really have no idea why everybody love to eat Dim Sum in Saturday morning. It was so hard for me to find a parking in that area and there was such a long queue just to take away Dim Sum. =.= Dim Sum Tauke, you must be so rich!!!!

The food in the picture cost me RM50. :)
Now you believe me that Dim Sum tauke is rich? LOL
24 孝女朋友still brought along this heavy chinese tea set to boyfie house because she thinks that tea and dim sum are perfect match.

The just-woke-up pig. 

Tea leaves bought in China. Baba say this thing not cheap.
But the so only.
LOL there goes my Saturday morning. At night, all my aunts uncles came to my house to have steamboat dinner together. Anyway I din took much pictures because busy having fun with my cousins and chit chat all around. :p

Some of the food. :D

So coincident sister bought the same top with me and we both agreed to wear it together. LOL
We want to tell everybody we are sisters. p/s: In case there are people out there don't know about this. Lmao

Us. :D

Daddy asked him to drink beer and after he finished one can, he turned into a red tomato.
Adorable much. :p
**Dont punch me because I say so**
Well there goes my Saturday night. I love it so much because I spent my weekend with all my lovess. Looking forward for next gathering.

By the way I kept my wardrobe few days ago and I arranged my prom dresses in this order. Nice?
I know this is random xp. Just want to show a beautiful picture that I snapped.
I gotta pick few and brought back to spore but super hard for me to choose. >.<

Anyway, happy reading. :)
Happy Wednesday.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Old friends

Went to a very fun gathering last night in Berlin to meet all my secondary school old friends. Time passed really fast without us realize it. I still remember how we used to meet each other every day during our secondary school life, and often chat and gossip together in the small little warm prefect room. Everything seem just like happened yesterday but now, we are all turning 21. 

Time won't wait for us and it will changed things and peoples around us. But I am so glad that they are still the same. Talking to them seriously made me feel like I'm back to sixteen or even younger. :)

Everyone is in picture.
Credit to the staff. :)
If I say we are actually at age 17. Do you believe? LOL
I am proud to say we are all 21 years old ladies!

My girl Jou Min.
Knew her since I was 13 and she was my deskmate for 5 years.
She is irreplaceable. <3 

Sor por ah SUM.
It is one of the blessing of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.
When you see she laugh, you will laugh. I guarantee. LOL

Pretty girl Li Ching who currently studying in Shanghai.
So fun listening to all Shanghai story from her. 

Jinny. Forever that slim and tall.
Don't know when will be the next time we meet, hope I do not need to wait for so long.

Ah Tay.
Old friends are best. :D
She also same as ah sum always laugh like sor por. LOL

The cutie Pooi Lim.
Do I look like her mama?
She is so tiny beside me and I am so huge. Like a gorilla. >.<

Long hair lady Ji Ching.
Just want to tell her she is perfect in our eyes. :)

There's not much picture from last night gathering but all the memories is kept in my heart. Girls, friendship forever. 

Happy reading :)
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Just another Wednesday. As usual, I have nothing to do at home. No one date me. No money shopping. No job. Nobody go travel with me. I just repeat and repeat doing the same thing everyday in this few months holidays. So so so guilty oh my gawt. I actually want to go travel badly in this almost 3 months holidays but as you all should know it is quite hard to find a travel mate and even if you can find some, you all have to agree with the same budget destination and travel period which is also another problem. Nevermind, guess I just need to wait. Next holiday, maybe? 
Hi. Its me.
I am owner of this blog. Muahahahaha.
Nice to meet you guys.
Sorry I am too boring.
If someone ask you what is the country you wish to go for next vacation what will you answer? My answer will definitely be Japan. I been to Hong Kong Disneyland before and my next target is Tokyo Disneyland. HK Disneyland is awesome for me but I heard that compared to Japan, HK disneyland is just a "light" version. I can't wait to experience it myself. 

HK disneyland.
Welcome to my castle. LOL crap
Idk where I kept all my Disneyland picture and lazy to find it out so just grab this one from net. :p
Somemore Japan is like a country which full of Hello Kitty and I am crazy Kitty Miao Miao fans, I can imagine when I walk along street in Japan, Hello Kittysssssssss will be waving their hands to me everywhere. 

Like this.

 Like this.

Like this.

And like this.

Oh can someone please go with me. :(((((
Okay I should really stop daydreaming. p/s: Kitty miao you wait for me!!!

Back to my life, I gain so much weight recently and having a big tummy with me now but I know I deserved it cause I am just too lazy to go out and do some exercises. I am so free but I am so super duper lazy to move. Even boyfie said he want to change my contact name in his handphone to "闲人" and no more baby girl. :/ 

Anyway share some pictures of lovely stuff that I got recently:
Say hello to kitty miao :)

First one is instant camera that I got from my boy as birthday present. That's a quite big surprise from him because if you are one of his friends, you will know that he is actually that kind of person who does not simply spend his money. He always nag me craving for branded and unnecessary stuffs and I know all he did is for my own good. And I swear I NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER think that he will buy this for me. N.E.V.E.R. I told him very long ago that I want to have an instant camera but what stop me from buying it is because I already have my G12 baby I already have a very good camera so I don't want to waste money. 

Everything is so not true when this camera is in my hands. He gave me in a very not romantic way and before that no sweet talk at all. He just said" Baby this is for you" and I stunted there. This is instant with auto lens and most important is this is hello kitty limited edition. 

I really love and appreciate it so much thank you. Not only for the gift, but because you willing to spend for me. :) 


Alright second one is Longchamp bag I got from Pavilion that day. I am turning 21 next month and this is an early birthday gift for myself. I love this handbag so much and this one is Longchamp limited edition in white. At first I thought to buy the red color normal Longchamp but seem there are a lot of people out there carrying the same bag so...Finally decided to bring this baby home. Muahaha my new love.

Third one is also another new love from Charles and Keith. This clutch bag is so easy matching with all my dresses and somehow I think it looks vintage. :) I don't know whether is this clutch bag looks vintage in your eyes because boyfie said I always think whatever in mustard color is consider vintage. Seem true. LOL

We have no mouth but we are miao miao. Lmao
Fourth one is three kitty miao which my lovely girlfriend Lulu purposely brought back to me from Singapore. This three are Singapore MC Donald's collections and I know Lulu spent a lot of time searching for it cause a lot of MCD also out of stocks. She said she ate a lot of MCD meals just to get kitty miao miao for me. Really touching >.< I promise I will take good care of them and for sure I will treat you a big meal after I back to Spore. **wink**

 And the last one is my new laptop. Thank you daddy mummy. :)
 A lot of friends suggested me many many other brand laptop models and at last I still decided to buy this. I am loyal Toshiba user LOL. Comparing to my old laptop this new one has bigger 
 screen. Bigger screen is important for me to "chase" TVB when I am in Spore. Haha.

That's all for my crap post today.
Hope you enjoy reading. :)

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Kuala Lumpur: Federal Capital of Malaysia

There are two kinds of people in this world. One is treat themselves super generous and another type is the opposite. Guess I am belong to the first type. I always swap my debit card without a blink of my eyes whenever I fall in love to something. I will do anything just to bring them home.
I gotta control myself. I know. But sometime I just couldn't think when I see beautiful clothes handbag pants earrings watches whatever hanging around me. 
I always so excited when I pay because I know I'm bringing my babies home but after that I will be super down once I find out I spent too much again. Yet, these kind of thing happen again and again in my life. Like an endless drama. LOL
But then few weeks ago, I promised my fat boy that I won't spend more than rm130 on a single cloth item  anymore and I really keep my promise. ;)
Thank you for helping me control myself. :D
The reason I suddenly talked about this is because I just back from a KL 3D2N shopping trip last night and I din broke my promise. 
Every cloth I bought is below that amount and even though I fall in love to a few tops in Topshop  I still manage to walk away after staring at them for quite some time. 

Baby, I am glad you are there help me balancing my life.
I can feel myself changing. In a good way. :)

Okay, stop crapping. LOL
Below are some pictures I took during the trip.

Last Friday morning, me and my two girlfriends took 8.30 ETS train to KL.
The train is comfortable and wifi provided. ;)

Twinsy and me. Muackzz.
She didn't stay overnight with us in hotel.
Her mission is just SHOP-TILL-DROP in KL for one whole day then take night train back Ipoh.
I officially announce here that her MISSION IS NOT ACCOMPLISHED.
She only brought back a pair of heels. LOL


My another love. Jen Huey.
She seem seldom appear in my blog.
Will snap her pictures often in future. ;)
Such a photogenic baby.

Bread and mineral water provided by ETS.
The bread don't taste nice though.

Purposely ask her to shoot a picture show off her cute Rilakkuma casing. Love it.
Guess Rilakumma is my another love besides Kitty.
I saw a lot of Kitty case before but unfortunately I still can't find a real cute one.
Now my iphone is still NAKED. **blushes**

We shop for a while in Pavilion and met our best girlfriend Patricia for lunch.
So happy to know that she back from UK already and she is free to meet up with us.
She is forever that slim and pretty. xoxo
The love bird.
Her boyfriend is so talkative omg. LOL
Anyway, sincerely think that they look so cute together. :)
We had our lunch in Lot 10 and I forgot to take a picture. Hmm..
After few hours walk, we had our dinner in Zanmai.
oh my gawt looking at this picture I start craving for Sushi at this hour. Oh no.

Random. Ngek ngek.

Another love bird. :)
Just now I only found out that I took picture of these two couples but forgot to take picture with my fatboy
Sorry sam. :p

My dinner.
Ordered this simply because I love egg. Taste good. Slurpp.
After dinner, we sent Xinyi to train station.
At first we thought to go KL central by monorail but then the fat boy said he want to drive us there.
Since with car is more convenient and we don't need to walk that much so we all agree to what he suggested. But then who knows...
His GPS is so noob and hectic traffic everywhere. We still stuck in the traffic jam at 8.50pm however she was going to catch 9pm train. Panic.
Then Sam forced to drop Xinyi and Jenhuey in Masjid Jamek station because LRT seem enable them to reach KL central in a shorter time.
However train delayed that night and Xinyi only managed to get into the train around 9.30. It is a very long story why the train delayed and I am so lazy to write it here. Perhaps my twinsy will write it in her blog?? Maybe??

Show you guys some pictures of my hotel:

My hotel is "My Hotel". LOL
It is a budget hotel.

Simply love this because of the beautiful color. :)

This hotel room is satisfying.
Everything is new and clean. What I care the most for a hotel room is the toilet.
Forgot to snap a picture of it but it looks modern and clean.
I stayed in a very old and dirty budget hotel in KL before and My Hotel definitely a surprise.
This is a picture of me in pajamas. :p

LCD tv in the room.
Selected astro channels are provided for guests too. Another surprise as a budget hotel.
Strongly recommended this hotel if you are looking for cheap and nice place to stay in KL.

In the second day of our trip, we actually planned to go Sunway Lagoon.
Who knows when we reached, there was a staff holding loudspeaker telling everybody there to think twice before they buy the ticket because there are already 16k people inside the Park. Long queue expected. =.=
16K????!!! I can't believe it.
We do not wish to join the crowd so ended up do some shopping in Sunway Pyramid and watched a movie. A boring Saturday. :/
At night, we go Italiannies@The garden for dinner.

Take one. Boyf din smile.

Here goes take 2.
Nice. :D

Italiannies bread with olive oil and vinegar for dipping.
I love it but fat boy don't.

Random. Haha.
Spotted his double chin. 


Dinner served after quite some time.
Forgot the name of this pasta. >.<
Fat boy ordered this.

My dinner.
Turkey fettuccine.
Taste good but I only managed to finish half.
The portion is too big for me and I believe it can actually be shared by two or three guys. @@

  Meatball  Meatball  Meatball  Meatball  Meatball
Huge Meatball @@

There goes my day two in KL.

In the lobby.
Waiting for check out. :)

Picture of me. :D
Can someone tell me how to deal with my eye bags problem?? :'(

Third day plan is shop and eat in KLCC.
I know the plan is boring. >.<
Took this in the car.
I love the blue sky :D

We went Madam Kwan@KLCC for lunch.

and I ordered this.
This nasi lemak is Madam Kwan's signature dish and it won the best NASI LEMAK award.
For my opinion, this dish taste great but not addictive.
I am slightly disappointed.
You can go have a try if you haven't try it yet.

Char Kuey Teow.
Taste average but come in big portion.

And yea, finally I got the chance to taste this rainbow color cake from Bisou bake shop.
The shop named it "Dream come true".
This cake taste good and I will definitely go eat again next time.

My face looks round here but I love this picture because this is the only picture of me with the adorable rainbow cake. 

After dinner, Sam drove us to KL central to catch 9pm train.

He looks like an uncle here. LMAO
Don't worry I love uncle. **wink**

Me waiting for the train.
Such an exhausted look omg.
That's all for my KL trip.
Happy reading. :)

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