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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shopping xoxo

Thank God It's F.R.I.D.A.Y.
Weekend is coming oh my gawt.
Just went shopping with my twinsy aka best shopping mate ever yesterday in Orchard and Somerset.
Gosh! We are just too crazy and bought everything without really thinking how much is it cost.
And now... we are officially BROKE!
We both stunned when we put all the receipts together and convert it back to RM.
I think none of us spend that much before just in few hours time.
Now I finally understand why people say Orchard is shopping paradise.
Define Paradise:
1) Heaven
2) A place of extreme beauty and a state of supreme happiness.
3) A place that you never want to leave
O.M.G. Can I just stay there forever? :((
I never want to back to reality.

Us in MRT heading to Orchard. xoxo
We spent mostly in ION orchard and H&M.
Read this from google.
On September 3, Swedish high street fashion label Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) finally opened its first flagship store in Singapore.

Snaking queues, overnight campers and some 1,500 shoppers mark the opening of H&M's first store in Singapore.

Cool right?

Love the big and comfortable fitting rooms there so much.
Best for camwhore xoxo.
We tried these two clothes for fun as we both in love with the red one but don't really dare to wear it out. :p
Way too easy to catch people's eyeballs. XD
Me. In the red polka dots.

Another picture of me in boyfriend tee @ topshop.
Love it. But it is in 80sgd.
Convert back to RM will be... Hmmm...
Next time maybe. ;)
p/s: I know no point I keep on convert but.. Can't help. LOL. I am poor girl..xp

We shopped a lot and yeah... So satisfy.
Will go again soon soon soon.
p/s: Must drag my twinsy along huhu.

Spot that rose?
We donated 10sgd to those poor kids and the man gave us this. LOL

End of my post.
Countdown: Back to Msia in 8days. =D Best Blogger Tips

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today is the third day of Sem 2, and my class end at 11.30 in the morning. 
Awww yeah~ Can you feel my happiness?
This means that I am free for whole day after 11.30 class. :D
Oh yesss!
Recently everyone around me is doing two things.
One is they keep on countdown how many days left for us to go back M'sia to celebrate CNY no matter where they are. In class, in canteen queueing for food, in toilet... Alright, EVERYWHERE!
Of course, included me myself. I pray everyday once I wake up so that next Friday can come faster.
Why am I feeling time passing slower than usual? =(

Can't wait to go back and drive my car.
Dislike MRT. Or more specifically, dislike escalators in MRT station.
Don't ask me why LOL.
The speed of escalator is just too a little bit fast. =.=

Okay back to topic, another thing is many of them are on diet!
Oh my gosh, on D.I.E.T!
They go jogging swimming everyday and say NO to supper as one of their preparation for CNY. LOL
According to them, CNY is a annoying good period to grow fat. 
Oh well, shall I join them? 
p/s: in dilemma. =.=

Took in the first day of school.
p/s: Do you think that is flabs below my orange shirt? someone said that =(
My tummy seem get bigger and bigger. O.M.G.
Here is some short update about my new year eve.
Purposely back to Spore one week earlier before uni start to have my 2012 countdown here.
Before that, we google a lot of places and finally plan to go watch fireworks show in Marina Bay Sand.
A countdown is hardly a countdown if there isn't any fireworks to add to the celebration mood. Right?
So yeah, here we go.

Me and the fat boy in MRT heading to Marina Bay Sand. :p

The view of the New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks is simply awesome and breath-taking.

Happy New Year. Happy 2012.
Feel good that the fat boy was beside me by that time having such gorgeous view.

End of it. =)
So sad that we din get a good place to view it that night.
Yet, it is still amazing.


Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Such a long time I abandoned this blog due to my laziness.
Now, I am B.A.C.K.
Happy 2012 everyone. This gonna be my very first post in this year.

I know 2012 is going to be a good year for me. Don't ask me why. I just knew it. =p

A look back to my 2011, the most awesome thing is that I fall in love two months before 2011 end. LOL
And yea, I am in love with my best friend.
This sounds kinda impossible?weird?ridiculous? =.=
Oh well, for you maybe.
But for me, this is amazing. :)
I have no reason why I fall for him. I think that's why this is call falling in love. You don't need to force yourself to fall, you just fall. And I am still keep falling now. :p

Another consider-quite-big changes for me is that I cut my long hairs to shoulder length.
Love my current hairstyle muchie. You love it? :)

Oh well just a short  update. Will update more frequent. :D

p/s: Countdown. Will be at home next saturday. Yayyyyy. Best Blogger Tips