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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Orientation camp in NTU

I miss my hometown seriously. Since the first day I came to Singapore, I keep searching for the public holidays which actually can let me go home.
But luckily, in Singapore, I found my second home.
That's is MSA- Malaysian Student Association in NTU.
I met a lot of new friends here and I actually took part in most of the activities which organized by this association.
Finally, I got the motivation to blog about my orientation camp in NTU. :)

Playing ice-breaking game so that we can get to know our group members better since we are going to be in a team for the following days. :)

Practicing our group "Boom" cheer.

~We boom~
~We are we are we are boom~
~Boom are boom are boom are we~
~We are boom, boom are we~
~We are..... SALACIA~
Yeah Salacia is my group's name. :D

Well, station game start.
Guess what kind of game is this?

Wow. Joey was trying so hard to reach something.

Yeah. We have to step behind a yellow line and try to take the cup which fill with water  up.
My hand is not long enough  :(

Group picture.
Say cheese.

Another station game which tie all of us together.
There are actually few more station games but I am way too lazy to post the picture so...
Overall, it is super fun!

Another interesting activity in this orientation camp is that all of us actually have our own "secret partner".
The first thing that those committee want us to do is to write a letter to our secret partner and also D.I.Y origami for them.
My name in this game is Elizabeth and my secret partner called "Jack Sparrow". LOL

After the seniors help us to send the letter to each other,  I can saw different emotions appeared in my girlfriends' face.
Some are shy and some are emotionless and some are looking forward to have a handsome secret partner. ;)

Then, the game started.
Those boys need to come and approached we girls and guess who is his secret partner.

They have to do all these kind of funny things if they cannot guess the correct one. LOL

Some even have to take off their shirt. >.<

Then, I found my secret partner.
Or should I say, Elizabeth's Jack Sparrow? :p

Look at Leong Chee Fai punya "yong sui" look. Haha

During the camp, we also had some activities which held outside NTU.
So, me and my groupmates were taking MRT to go Sentosa.

Our lovely picture under the hot sun.

Playing game. :)

Took in MRT station. :p

We even offered free hug in Orchard. LOL

The best group picture in Universal studio.

Ghosts. Our drama title is horror.
That's why. Haha

End this short post with Jen Huey's scary picture. >.<
Good night everyone.

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