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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zoo Visit :)

Date    : 22-7-2011
Venue : Taiping Zoo
Dress Code : Pink top, bag pack, cap & sport shoes. :D

Yeah. We guys went Taiping Zoo last Thursday as our mini farewell trip. 
To make this visit become more meaningful and memorable, I suggested that we shall set a dress code for this zoo visit.
How brilliant am I?? LOL.

Journey start.
We drove two cars to Taiping that day with the assistance of GPS.
My driver is Miss Lulu and another driver is Mr. Oh Chee Liang.
Everybody is highly cooperative that day because all of them obeyed MOST of the dress code. :D

The sexy, pretty, hot and inviting driver, Miss Lulu.
Wee Wit~

After one hour drive, we reached Taiping Zoo safely.
All of us were jumping happily in front of the ticket counter like we never been to Zoo before.
Somemore my babe Nicole busy snapped the pictures of ants on the wall like there is no ants in Ipoh.  =.=

Zoo tickets.
If I am not mistaken, adult ticket price is RM12 and child is RM8.

I love this picture so much.
Some people looked at us and I heard all of them said "pink. pink. pink. "LOL
Yeah we are pink group.

Ready to enter the Zoo World?

My little girl Wan Lim.

I like pinky monkey butt. :p

Lovely, right?
There is not much animal's pictures in my camera although this was a zoo visit. 

Ssshhh.... They are sleeping.

" I am king of the JUNGLE!!"
"Ooops. I never see the real Jungle but nevermind. I am STILL the king of the ZOO!!!"

Sweating~ Sweating~ Sweating~
The sun was hot that day.

So... They decided to buy icecream halfway.
I want to eat too but can't because I was suffering stomach ache that time. :(

Never mind.
Self-loving can cure it. ;)

Handsome and Pretty.
Love both of them xoxo.

Kindergarten kids.
So cute.

We girls.
All in Pink.
Erm I mean all in PINK singlet. :D

The tiger is swimming.

After we finished walked around the whole park, we decided to take a free tour on this mini train to have our second round visit.

Took picture with Sugar while waiting for the mini train. :D

Yeah. We get into the mini train after waited for 10 minutes.

I love Taiping Zoo.

Bye Bye Taiping Zoo.

Another one hour drive, reached Ipoh at 4 something.
Then, we had a drink in Strawberry Moment @ De garden.
Exhausted look. >.<

Sugar looked so blur. ;)


Hot Strawberry Tea.
My favourite.

Me and Lulu shared this.
Our favourite. :D

The only picture with Terwei.


Giordano's girls.

The end of the day.
I love you all so much.
Bestfriends Forever.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011


以后无法每天抱抱妈妈,感觉好难过 :/







我要大家都记得我最温暖人心的笑容 :p


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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Seafood tripppp

Few days ago, me and my besties had a chit-chat section in Starbucks and four of us were busy planning for our next outing and enjoying our coffee at the same time.
Then, we came out an idea, that is go Tualang to have a delightful seafood meal in the next day afternoon.

Journey started.
This time, our driver was a girl - Miss Lulu.
Dear girls, never ever think that there is a must for a boy to fetch you anymore.
World is changing.
Equality of sexes present everywhere. :D

- Me -

Me with my Nicole babe.
She looked pale that day .
That's why she requested me to edit a cute emotion to cover up her face. :)
I did it. LoL.

Reach Tualang.
We had our lunch in one of the famous restaurant, that is Restoran Yew Kei.
My daddy strongly recommended this restaurant so... we gave it a try.
Reached there with assistance of GPS. :D

All of us were starving.
Food Food Food~~ Cepat Mari. :)

Me. Lulu.

Steamed shrimp.
I love the colour of the prawn in this picture but, not the taste.  :(
Not to say unpalatable but, it tastes just so so.

Close up.
The picture lies.
If only if this picture make you drool.
Anyone? LOL


This tastes good.

The best dished of the day. ( p/s : For me )
Mystus nemurus.
I don't know what this fish call in English so I googled it.
Not sure whether this is correct or wrong. :p
This fish tastes so fresh and delectable.
Yum Yum~

Close up.
Aww~ I feel hungry by just looking at this picture.
Gosh. I will not blog about food anymore when I am hungry.

Another dishes.
Butter shrimp.
This prawn dishes tastes much more better than the previous one.
I like it.

Salted egg crab.
Nicole's favourite but not mine. Phew~
I found it troublesome for me to remove all those shells.
I wasn't a big fans of crab.

 Home Made Tofu
You can try it next time if you come to Yew Kei. :D

My driver, Lulu.
We played with the food after we finish eating.
I started it first. Ahaha.
Lulu was showing off her masterpiece. =.=
She finished eating the whole fish and left with the fishbone.

Our bill.
So cheap and out of our expectations.
We shall go there often.

Lastly, end this post with picture of me and my babe.
We are FULL and......
...ready to go home.
Peace. :D

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Penang tripsssss

Finally our trip successfully organized and this was a really awesome Penang trip.
I love all my babies more after this trip.
p/s: Although I already deeply in love with them before that :D

Warning: This is a super duper long post. :) 

In the morning, around 9 something, we started our journey.

Pupu drove his daddy's car to fetch us.
He never speed more than 110km/h for the whole journey.
Safe :D

Three of us who sat Pupu's car.
There are five girls of us but Nicole and Jacqueline sat Yik Hoe's car.
So bad we can't have self-loving session together in the same car.
Lulu refused to take more pictures with us because she dislike her "mushroom " hairstyle. 
Add caption

Me. :D
 Wore a simple black-tee that day plus short pants and slippers.
Relax and casual attire is a must in Penang Island which surrounded by beach and seaside.

Reached Penang after two hours drive.
Our first stop is Kek Lok Si.
Our lunch is the famous laksa.
Yum yum :p


My babe Nicole.

Kek Lok Si. :D

A colourful mini wishing "tree".
Or wishing "plant" ?

Kek Lok Si temple.

The nice view from Kek Lok Si.

We took pictures everywhere. :p
I love all the kisses from her.

Sunglasses are lovessssss.



Ji muiz.
Including the muscular boy in Pink. :p
Excluding the dirty trash bin. Aha.

With the pretty girl Jac.
I love her pink shade so muchieee.

Wind wheels with a ladybug on it.
Blow Blow Blow~~
Bring a smile to all the passer-by.
Bring good fortune and good health to me. :D

Nicole and Lulu baby.
Still in Kek Lok Si. :p

Sugar and Nic baby.
The same pink tone tee made me feel like they looked like couples.
( If Sugar read this, I think he will scowl. I bet he did. :p )

The beautiful Lulu.
She hang my handbag on her neck when I was in toilet. =.=
Yet, look pretty. ;)

Pupu... Ooops, I mean my our pupu with twinsy.
Say cheese~
The sunlight was warm.

The frog fountain.
Oh no...Should be The pity frog fountain.
Why pity?
Because Lulu told me this frog was once an immortal but because It did something wrong...
The Jade Emperor punished it by changed it to a statue.
I need to clarify that... All of these just Lulu's imagination. :p

The professional photographer. :D

The Sor Por. Haha. :p

Awww~ Enjoying the air-conditioner.
At first all of us surrounded her and laughed at her.
But then

We all stand in front of the air-cond and took pictures together. :p
I think that's why we are in the same gang. Aha.

The "couples".
Pink & Pink. :D

The " Kitty ". :p
We were waiting for the inclined lift to go up and have a look of the Bronze Guan Yin statue.

Yet, not forgot to take pictures.
We tried not to waste even one second. ;)

Nicole with our tickets.
Only RM3 ticket price per person.

The cute graphic of the ticket.
You can straightly imagine how the inclined lift look like if you never been there. 

The track.
Look more or less the same as Roller Coaster's track.
It takes less than 5 minutes to travel either directions.
The view.
We girls again.

The huge Kuan Yin statue.

Nicole. Take one.

Nicole. Take two.

Nicole. Take three. >.<
Why my G-12 baby flooded with her pictures?
I have no idea. lol

Happy Bunny Year 2011.

Sunglasses shoot. 

Group picture. :D

Then, we went an old style kopitiam to have our desserts.
According to the boys, this place have the most famous and delicious Cendol in Penang.

Ta dang~~~
Cendol was served.
However, sad to say that this Cendol gave no surprise for we girls.
Exclude those boys.
I still think that Cendol in Ipoh is much much much more better. :p

Fried Kuey Teow.
Yum yum. :D

Then, we checked in our hotel rooms.
We stayed in Bayview Hotel, Penang.

While waiting for the boys to settle those stuffs in Lobby....

Jac jac.


Dew which form on plant leaves.
I randomly took this pictcha and I like it so much.
Share it with you guys and girls. :D

Our bed.
Can you imagine how we squeeze on this bed at night?
There are five of us.


View from our room.

The two sha por. LOL

Sha por number three :D

Our bag pack.
Actually our room not consider messy.

Our bathroom. :D

I gotta post this because I love Lulu's pose. :p

The lonely girl with a bottle of Whiskey.

We had a lot of fun on this bed.
We smile, we play, we laugh, we fight.
Pillow fight of course. ;)

We hug, we kiss, we cry, we ask for apologize.
Huggies and kisses are to support each other when we cried.
My girls know what I mean by we ask for apologize. ;)

To like and dislike the same things, that is indeed true friendship.

Baby nic.


My beach attire.
Black top with colourful pants.

Jac's beach attire.

I love the sunlight.

IQ test game.
I tried to arrange that 4 wooden blocks to look exactly like picture no.80.

Pupu and Yik Hoe can solved it in one minute time but till now,
I still don't know the solution. =.=
My IQ really that low??

My red sunglasses be with me almost all the time.

The group picture!!
We love B.E.A.C.H.

I can felt a rush of freshness swept through my entire body when I slowly dipping my feet into the sea.
So nice!

Fresh air made all of us feel free.

I really enjoy strolling on the seaside on a very windy and wavy day with a bunch of best friends.


Nicole craving for a boyfriend??!!
Maybe. Hmm.


Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and.....

......... impossible to forget.
I love you forever Nicole Chang.
**blush blush**

I walked around the beautiful seaside, and the golden sand covered my feet, with a warm, smooth feeling. :D
I wonder who own the pairs of hairy legs?!

Even the puppy can't stopped itself to jump into the sea.
The water is lovely. :)

I tried to carry Lulu and walk.
Failed :/
She said she felt insecure.

Then I tried to carry the lightest girl, my Twinsy.

Only walked for two steps I think.
That's not easy.

Well, the muscular boy tried to carry us then.
He is strong enough. lol

Pupu burried Nicole's legs.

Replica of the statue of Liberty. lol


My nerdy look with Jac's glasses.

Miss the beach.
I can still feel the waves lapping at my legs. >.<

Almost sunset.

The only picture I got before we go clubbing.
Din take any pictures in the club since we lazy to bring our camera there. lol
Enjoyed the night to the max. Wee~

With liquor and music, we danced the night away.
It's taking us higher, higher, higher off the ground... :p

Day two, we went to beach in the morning to play the water sports.
I din bring my camera so forced to copy few pictures from the net. 
We played jet ski.
Pupu and me took the ride together and I really had exhilarating experience racing through the water and jumping a few waves.  :D
I swear Pupu drove the jet ski at really high speed.
( p/s: Lulu please believe me :p )

We played parachute too.
This was my first time parachuting experience and I love the feeling so much.
Finally I can fly :)
Pupu promised me he will made a perfect landing so that we won't fall but......Sigh.
Only Sugar and my twinsy managed to do it among us.

And eight of us played banana boat together.
Not really fun. LoL.
Then, we went for our lunch.
The famous fried Kuey Teow with big prawns and mantis shrimp in it.
This small plate cost us RM9.50.
Mantis shrimp also known as pissing shrimp in case you don't understand.

We took ferry to leave Penang around 4.

Look like giraffe. :p

Sayonara Penang.
Sayonara my besties.
Sayonara my 2D1N fun trip.

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