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Monday, June 27, 2011

Are you protected?

Hi my friends, Happy Monday. ;)
What did you do today to give yourself a better life? A better tomorrow?
I create a better future for myself by get vaccinated against HPV this evening. :)
In fact this vaccine prevent cervical cancer and genital warts. 

Gardasil is a vaccine against HPV and is the only cervical cancer vaccine that helps protect against 4 types of HPV. 
This vaccine is mainly for girls and young women ages 9 to 26 because it is recommended to administer this vaccine before onset of sexual activity. :)

Gardasil is given as 3 injections over 6 months and I had my first dose of HPV injection today. :)
Doctor told me this is really worth for we young girls to go for this injection as this vaccine nearly 100% prevent teenage girls like me from getting precancerous cervical cell changes caused by the types of HPV targeted.
Of course, provided that you are a teenage girl who never involve in sexual activities.

Do you know this silent killer kill around 600 women everyday in this world?
This figure is pretty scary right?

This year onward, Malaysia Health Ministry is offering free HPV vaccination for 13-year-old girls in school to reduce the number cervical cancer cases.

Prevention always better than cure.
Get vaccinated today before it is too late. 
RM900 for total three dose of injection is not a small amount, but compare to the huge amount of money you may need to cure your cancer, this 900 bucks is worth to spend. :)

I love all my girlfriends and I hope you all will love yourselves more start from today.
Nothing is more important than health.
Anyway, go consult your doctor and know more about this vaccine. :)

Have a nice day everyone. 

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shopping trip :D

A short update to keep my bloggie alive. :)
Gotta warn you that this post full of pictures which I took on my way to KL and when I was there.
Read at your own risk. ;)

Feel so fresh early in the morning. :D
Outfit of the day.
Blossom orange top from Mango and bottom from Cotton-on. 

Lovely sista. 

I wonder why my lil brother so good at posing. =.=
Although the outcome is not that good.Hmm...

I want a natural straight hairs so badly.
Mine just look so unnatural after I straightened it. :/
Hope it will look better after some time.

Audi car road show in Pavilion.
I always prefer black. 

My lovely parents.

After shop for few hours, we had our lunch in our old place.
p/s: Never change. :p


My all time favourite 小笼包
I can finish the whole plate by my own. :p

Her all time favourite. =.=
ZzzzZ... She can spend her whole day in this shop with the companion of those monkeys.
Idk why.

Waiting for my food to be served. >.<

Baba and Mama.
They hold hands and do shopping almost all the time. 
Sweet sweet love. ♥ ♥

Oh well, this was the picture I took in Roxy's fitting room.
I love this dress.
In fact it fit me so great as well but at the same time I fall in love to a Roxy bag.
I can't have both as I know I should spend my money wisely and I already bought a lot of things so...
I brought my bag home and said goodbye to this dress. >.<
How sad.
Anyway I know I can find a better one.
( p/s : consoling myself :p )

Then, we had a drink in DOME before we leave.

Fish and chips which my brother ordered.
Tasted great. :D

My cappuccino.
I am addicted to this. ♥ ♥

Tiramisu to die for.
Try it. You will definitely like it.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Such a perfect match.
I am sure you knew that they taste awesome when put together. ;)

Black coffee.

After this meal, we started our journey back to Ipoh.
That's all for my short blog entry.
I am officially broke now. >.<
Pavilion-shop-till-drop mission end. ;)

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Monday, June 20, 2011


Last Wednesday night, me and my baby girls went Starbucks to have a drink.
Then, I found out our taste are all different.
Especially I love sweet milky and creamy coffee but Lulu prefer those bitter one. LOL 
I love caramel  

 Mocha Frappuccino which my twinsy ordered.
The cream was too much =.=
Felt like lick it as it look like kind of ice cream. :p

 Close up.
Oh my Gawd!!
How much calories hide inside this ton of sweet cream?!
Well, it is okay.
What my twinsy need the most is fats :D
She is way too slim. 

 Our little table.  

 Green tea latte which Pui Yun ordered.
At first I wish to taste a little bit of this green tea thing but after listened to Lulu's comment, somemore I am not a green tea lover, so hmmmm....
Leave it to next time. :p

This was the first drink of mine.
Why first drink?
Cause I was dilemma in choosing which coffee to order and so, Jac's boyfie helped me by customized this drink for me.
Oh well, no name for this drink.
I thought it was cool at first but then....zZzZz.
It actually tasted like antibiotic. >.<
So, I exchanged it at the counter for my second drink.

My favourite Hot Cappuccino. 
This second drink is F.0.C :)
I fall in love to Cappuccino because I drink this almost everyday when I was in Italy.
For sure, Italy's Cappuccino tasted better. 

The staffs supposed to draw a heart shape on top of the coffee but instead of heart, I think this looked like a crab.
No wonder they kept laughing when they served this coffee to our table. =.=
Can I have mickey mouse on top next time? 
*winks winks*

 Lulu's hot mocha.
She said she will be loyal to Mocha and will not changed anymore. LOL

My pale look.

Twinsy Roarxx. 

If you guys and girls feel like this post missed out something, don't worry I will point it out for you.
You will never feel disappointed if you are looking for Jac's best friend.
Her water bottle. LOL
She bring it everywhere. :p

Jac Jac. 


Why twinsy showed that face? lol

Pui Yun.

We girls. 
Credit to the photographer Jasper. 

Anyway this pretty night did not end in a pretty way.
I got insomnia that night because of the large cup of Cappuccino.
I can't fall asleep at all.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011













p/s: 你们也要爱我哦!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Wedding

♥ 13 - 6 - 2011

This is a special date for my cousin and his wife.
They held their wedding this day!!
Awww~ This is such an important event in our family and all of us get ourselves well prepared to attend his wedding. :p

In the morning of 13th of June, all of us gathered in my cousin's house to wait for them to come back from Kedah.
My cousin and his friends started their journey to Kedah at 5 in the morning to fetch the bride back to Ipoh.
My daddy is one of the driver :)

While waiting for them to reach , we took a lot of pictures. :D
Aunt look so slim in this picture.
Agree? LOL

My grandparents.
They waiting to drink their 孙媳妇茶.

Awww~ I love her jumpsuit.

Of course, I love my dress too. :p


Around two , the bride's car finally reached.
Can you imagine how excited are we?
I can't wait to see how pretty is the bride!!

Surprisingly, there was not a pair of bear bear as decoration in front of the bride's car but a pair of octopus.
So cute right?
The reason is because the bride love octopus so badly. :D

My little brother helped to open the car door of the bride's car.
I think this is kind of traditional to let a cute kid open car door for the bride and groom.

The bride and groom.

Photograph of the whole family. :)

After that, all of us went home and prepared ourselves to attend the wedding dinner at night.
We already went shopping few times just to buy a dress for this night. :p

Many people say both of them look alike.
Don't you think so?
Although I don't really agree with it. :p

Dang dang dang dang~
I wish I can have a V-shape face :(

Show off my new manicure.
I purposely draw this to match with my dress and to attend this dinner. Aha.
You all like it?

The bride and groom.
The man who wearing a red tie was the temporary emcee of that night.
He became the centre of attraction once he stepped into the restaurant because of his attire. =.=
I can't really describe my feeling but...... Really really really IMPRESSIVE. :p


Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.
I took tones of pictures that night but I just combine a few of them and show it here la. :p
Don't wanna hurt my readers' eyes. Aha.
How kind am I? LOL.

Her yellow nails really sharp.
I told her that her fingers look like chicken's leg.


Again. Cousins.

The photograph of my cousin's family.
Spot that gorgeous blue lady?
Alright I suggested her to buy this dress.
The outcome was awesome :D

My pretty mummy and the naughty kid.

The new born baby girl. :)
My cousin's children.
She is my....??
Err... I am confused about our relationship.
Okay nevermind. :p

My aunt and her husband.

Another aunt with her girl. :)

My grandparents.

Oh god! Sister busy using her chicken's leg fingers to press her iphone while waiting for food to be served.


Me, again. :p

Awww~ I love my parents!!!

You guys and girls

love my dress? xp

- Candid -

- Another candid -

Joeyi and I with the bride. :D

We girls.

Cousin and her husband.
Sweet xoxo.

Part 1

Part 2.
( same picture but back view lol )

My funny daddy.

I love my new pair of brown colour lens.


I wish to held my dream wedding too.
But so sad, at least 7 more years to wait. LOL
Bye everyone.

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