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Friday, May 20, 2011

Play it SEXY

It's cocktail hour and it's all about your entrance.
Killer dress, sexy stilettos, smoky eyes?
Time for a spray of this oriental fragrance.
Play it sexy and watched the guys fall over your heels.
All you need now is find that guy, catch his eyes, then...
Look away, he won't be able to resist.

Awww yeah~ I bought thisssss.
Playboy Perfume.
That is 3 choices.
Lovely. Sexy. Spicy.
I choose the second one.

My bunny ring with my bunny perfume.
Yeah this perfume is really really affordable for everyone.
And I love its smell.
Not too strong. But kinda sweet.
Oops I mean extremely ultimately sweet. :p
Just like candy.
Most important is, it smell sexy. :p

Dang dang~
Play it sexy girls.
I am feeling sexy.

Do you feeling sexy tonight...? :)

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Muscular Boy's Big Day!!!

Last Friday is the Muscular Boy's Soh Yi Cong Birthday.
Aww~ I love his muscle so much. :p :p :p
Anyway this is not the main point in this Big Day. LOL
We celebrated with him in Ipoh town Mun Zhong.

Outfit of the night.
Top & Bottom & Necklace - Forever 21
(p/s: I forgot to take a picture of my short pants duh)

Reach Mun Zhong and this is our table. :)

The birthday boy.

Each time outing there were too many camera among us.
Lulu warned us that if we gonna celebrate her birthday , her only birthday wish is that we will not bring any camera that night. LOL

Crazy three. :p
I love you both, girls.

Finally, after a long crapping and self-loving session


Our first food.

Big prawn which need to order few days earlier.
Yummy ~~

This fish is call Cod right?
Not sure.
What I know is one plate is definitely not enough for us!!!
Too delicious~


Mixed vegetables.

Fried rice.

Fried mee.

Aww~ So full.

Happy Birthday Sugar!

Make a wish. Make a wish.

Evil smile on their face. =.=

Our present for the birthday boy.

After dinner, we went for a drink in the wine shop located in Greentown and situated beside Maria Cafe.
The birthday boy treated us. :)

The waiter preparing the wine for us.

My wine.

The pretties.

The only picture of me with birthday boy.

We girls.

Again, Happy Belated Birthday Ah Soh.
We love you. xoxo
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Xinyi's Nail Art Collcetion

Okay. Hi everyone.
Happy Mother's Day!!!
I still remember that when I was in Italy, they don't say cheese when took pictures.
Guess what they said?
You must be surprise.
They said "Spaghetiiiiii". LOL
Sound funny right?

Alright boys and girls, introduce to you!
Dang dang dang dang~~ My nail art collection.
Not all that I have drawn are inside this picture.
I only choose my favourite one to put inside here.
As you can see from the picture, that is not complete yet.
A total of 15 designs above and 5 more to go. :)
Stay tune. LOL

Okay close up.
Two type of sushi and my lovely insect caterpillar.
Do that two look like sushi?
I hope they do. Haha.
Not easy to draw. ( For me I mean ) >.<

Like this three?
I love watermelon the most.
It is sweet :)
I learnt all this from youtube.

Alright this suppose to be a smiling panda bear....
But then when I am going to draw it's smile, my hand is shaking shaking and shaking.
So.... end up with this.
Moody panda bear. :(
How sad.

The leopard nail art is a easy match with your heels to go for party.
And the middle one is kind of simple and elegant french nails which me myself love very much.
Strawberry is cute. Isn't it?

Actually at first when I draw the purple nail, I want to draw some black hearts on the tips to create a simple yet cute design.
Seem like I am not successful, hur.

Okay this is candy inspired nail art which I draw on my hand.
Not bad.

Last two.
I am not a professional so........
Just close one eye for all the imperfection in my collection. :P

Hope you all enjoy reading this. :)
But if you are a guy, you might feel bored reading this post? Right? >.<
Kay. Bye.
Will update about Mother's day soon.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

I gotta feeling.

Oh yeah, happy Tuesday everyone.
I gotta feeling...that "today" gonna be a good "day"!
That "today" gonna be a good good "day"!woohoo~
Haha. Lame. =.=''

Feel fresh this morning. :D
I gotta post a random post again today about my life.

All right.
Recently I got tired of using eyeliners for the appearance of bigger eyes because the effect is too heavy for me sometimes.
I don't know what other girls think but for me, mascara is more useful and natural to obtain bigger eyes' effect.
I mean apply mascara without fake lashes. :p
But sure, it's only work if you want to look natural.

If you are not, you can just apply mascara fake lashes colour cons heavy eyeliners eyeshadows and anything you like to look like a barbie doll. LOL

Yeah I do like barbie doll. Who don't? Right?
But only for party and dinner. Perhaps. :/

I got my first coca cola can glass few days ago.
Charcoal colour.
Love this design so much and I want to collect all of them.
Anyway I start to agree with what my friend Lulu said.
She said she can never finish the MCD glass meal by her own.
I told her I can do it.
But at the end.....

Ice cream melt and I only manage to eat half. =.=
French fries I gave almost all to my friend.
And the large size drink I can't even drink half of it.
How sad. >.<

Took a random picture on my way back home that day.
Surprisingly the outcome not bad.
I swear I just simply press the button to take it.
Coz I was driving by that time. :p

And yea....Introduce this book to you guys.
This book only cost RM18 after discount.
Reasonable price and nice to read. :)
Grab it in popular while stock last. LOL
Everyone should have a look of this book especially those who facing love problem and need advices.

Of course, not included me. :p

Recently I am addicted to this 3 games.
Cooking mama 3.

Plant versus Zombies and.....

Dang dang dang dang~
Full version angry bird. :D

Oh my god oh my god oh my god.
How cute and annoying are those birds?
Argghh...I bet you all agree with me. :p
Boys and girls, let shoot together. LOL

Okay, end my post with my super super self-loving pose.

Look into my eye~~~~

Look into my eye~~~~

Look into my eye~~~~

Keep looking keep looking keep looking~

Don't stop!!!!!!!!!

Kay, see anything?

If you do, you are genius. :)

But, if you din









You are normal!!!!

Haha! Bye everyone!
I gotta feeling!
That "today" gonna be a good good "day"~

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