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Monday, March 28, 2011

Good night :)

Buhuhu buhuhu~
Time for me to sleep tonight.
Too early?
Ehem ehem ehem... Agree!!!

But...... I gotta sleep le.
Force myself to fall asleep as early as possible.
Coz I got a job this evening and I have to start working tomorrow. :)

After I worked as part time waitress in San Francisco last month, this consider my second job.
I feel so excited about it.:D

Yeah Yeah.
I am gonna work as part-time teacher in a primary school for 5 days.
Nervous + happy + scare

Twinsy told me those students in the school very naughty.
Will they bully me??

I think I should act as a very fierce teacher ngek ngek ngek.
Pinch and beat them whenever nobody notice.
Alright I am just kidding. :p

Before sleep, played with little brother to learn some skills how to communicate with children.
Aha I know it is lame. =.=

I apply cucumber eyes mask before I fall onto my bed.
I don't want to look too pale tomorrow morning with swollen eyes. >.<
I bet children like energetic teacher. Aren't them?

Alright, good night the world.
Wish me good luck tomorrow. :)))

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Saturday, March 26, 2011


大家不妨试试 :D

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday :)

Warning: This is a post which full of my self-loving pictures so... Think twice before you scroll down :p

This few weeks, my daily activities are shopping, on line and lying on my bed to read tones and tones of comics.
How bored is it. >.<
Anyway, I will start to work next month in my daddy's shop. Aha.
Mean another comic session for me. =.=
p/s: Just that I can get paid if I shift the location from my comfortable bed to his shop. LOL

Hi everyone.
My short fringe is back. :D
It might not as short as the past but I am happy that I cut it although I feel like having long long fringe this time.
Anyway, today this post I want to focus on my manicure instead of my fringe.

Dang dang dang dang~~~
A simple manicure with my favourite blue :DDDD
Oh my god I love it so much!
This is a kind of pattern design which suitable for young girls like me :)
Casual and yet not too sweet!

Okay be prepare guys.
I am going to start posing with my new lovess manicure. :p
Pose 1
Aha. How much do you guys think it costs?

Pose 2
Oh ya I am not deliberately wear blue colour shirt to match with my manicure in these pictures.
It was just so coincidentally. :D
And ya. Notice or not?
My braces are blue too. Yeah.

I love square nails so I purposely ask my sister to help me shape my nails into square.
I always think square is better than oval. :D

Baby blue match with black.
Sharp colours.

Alright. Actually my sister did my manicure.
This was her very very first time and I love this design so much.
She learnt it from youtube yesterday and among the three designs which she think she able to draw, I choose this. :)))

Close up.
For sure she might not be as professional as those manicurist but the result is actually satisfying.
And important is.... It is free of charge. Wakakaka.
Evil me. :p
To view the tutorial and do some comparison , click here.

Grrrr~~~Bite you!!! =.=

Start to play with different camera mode. :)
Only blue in this picture. xoxo

Okay, bye bye everyone.
Thank for those who dare or willing to scroll down till the end of the post. Ahaha.
Gonna have a different style of manicure soon. :p

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bon voyage :)

First, I have to apologise for this extremely late post due to I am quite busy this few weeks.
Busy apply scholarship, busy apply for admission, busy learn cooking from my grandma and blah blah blah.... I really have a lot of things to do.
Anyway, I am so sorry to my friends!! I know that you all waiting for me to upload. >.<
Okay, so after almost half month Hou Reyn settled down in Japan, finally the pictures are here. :p
Forgive me everyone... >.<

The night before Hou Reyn leave to Japan to further his study, we had a gathering and farewell dinner in Moven Peak restaurant which located in greentown.

Dang dang dang dang!!!
Outfit of the night :)
Buhuhu~~ My dark blue colour braces is so obvious in this picture.

Decoration of the restaurant.

That night we choose to have our gathering in second floor which is BBQ area.
There were a variety of food there for you to choose and yet if you feel like drink some hot soup,
you can also have your own steamboat with that mini pots.
How cute :)

Do you hate a lot of smoke during your BBQ?
If yes you can try to have your BBQ in Moven Peak Restaurant because there will be no smoke at all and environmentally friendly.

Look like prizes giving ceremony right?
Aha. Ah fok bought a bag for Hou Reyn to let him bring to Japan.
So warm.

Wonder why his hairstyle like this?
Alright don't worry, he was actually wearing a wig.
And the wig belong to Jac Jac. :p
He looked so noob my gosh.

Hou Reyn's turn to wear the wig.
Look so funny !!!

Side view :p

Pui yun's turn.

I think that the wig actually suit her style. Anyone agree with me?
Except that the colour not match.

Jac's turn.
She look cute!!

All of us who attend the gathering that night. :)

In this picture, the fair person goes fairer and the dark person goes darker. LOL

Group picture.

Bye bye Hou Reyn.

Wish him all the best in future. :)

Bon Voyage :)

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Monday, March 14, 2011






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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Girls' Night Out

Finally, we girls organised an outing this night without presence of any guys. xoxo
This was so exciting !!
p/s: no guys = we can gossip anything that we want to

Outfit of the night.
Simple top with jeans and my favourite dinner bag :)

Menu of Berlin's Bier Houz located in Greentown.
At first we thought to go and have some wine in the shop beside Maria's Cafe but then it closed so we change to this German restaurant.
This shop specializing in imported German beers and when I was looking at the menu, I have no idea which drink to order. =.=

What to do???
Luckily we got Nicole!!!!!
Yea. She helped all of us ordered the drinks and you know what?
4 of us don't understand the conversation between her and the waiter at all. =.=
That was all about alcoholic drinks anyway...

Dang dang dang dang~
Look delicious?
Maybe not but it actually tasted good. yummy~

Twinsy. xoxo

Me with unknown beer. :p
In the blink of an eye my skin tone turned into tomato colour.
I hate it so much so much!!! >.<
Anyway no matter how reddish am I, I never drunk. xp

Wan lim with margarita.

And yea.. My turn.
I don't really like the taste of this cocktail but I am so in love with the salt on the glass rim which served together.

My lovely twinsy.

Berlin's Bier Houz.

German sausage. :)

My baby nicole with the sausage.
She made the sausage looked even more delicious. :D

Twinsy again :D

Two sor por. Hahaha.

Yea. 5 of us.
Babes, I am looking forward to next girls' night out. :p
Love you all. xoxo

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