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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Three more days will be Chinese New Year Eve.
Guys and girls, have you all shop "gou gou" for your new year clothes, pants, shoes and whatever you need?
Yay. I already did enough shopping for this year cny. Hooray~
But I can predict that this year cny will be much more boring than previous one because most of my friends are working and they only have 2 days holidays.
How sad. My movie plan, kbox session plan, angpau one day trip plan and gamble plan all ruined.
I miss those time when they are free to accompany me.

Yesterday there was a Cny Leo function held in Ave Maria Convent and my sister Joeyi acted as one of the fairy there.
She remind me that I acted as fairy too last year in the last schooling day before cny in Sam Tet.
But when she showed me her fairy pictures, I was like "Wow, such a big difference?"
Let see and compare our costume and "job".

Look at this two pretty girls.
Such a nice pink colour costume with an umbrella.
No doubt two of them are young sweet fairy who come to send wished to us.
They draw my attention easily.

Now, look at my costume. =.=
Instead saying that I am a fairy, a lot of those form one form two naughty boys called me " choi shen po".
Means wife of the "choi shen". =.=
I cannot deny that I look like "choi shen po" because my costume is full of red and gold colour.
Somemore they requested me to wear that huge flower on my head.
Compare to my sweetie sister who is in pink, I am like old fairy.Aha.

I even need to take a basket wherever I go. Spot it?
Inside are some Angpau.
Walk around the school with such weird look made me felt so embarrassing.

My job that day is to help the "choi shen" to distribute angpau and took pictures with a lot of people.
This is a tiring job because the costume is quite heavy and troublesome when I need to put it on.
That day I kept telling those small boys stop calling me "choi shen po" because I am a fairy.
But now when I viewed back those pictures, I get a conclusion is children don't lie. =.=

See how sweet is this two fairy. xoxo
Sixth form society should lend a better costume next time. :)
I wonder the fairy this year is it wear back the same costume?Aha.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sorry mummy!

Last night I went to Kinta City to do my last shopping before Chinese New Year and the first shop I entered surely is Esprit.
I love Esprit but last night I really did a big big big mistake which hurt my little heart. LOL.
Maybe I am abit over in describe that thing but I really reconciled when I paid.

Yesterday in Esprit I pass by a promotion zone which stated there "Esprit Rabbit Tee Cost Only Rm69.90".
Me and my sister was like "wow", so cheap???
Then we choose few rabbit tee to try in the fitting rooms and at last I decided to buy it without really checked carefully.
Actually for me, the rabbit tee is not really consider very nice but with that price, it is reasonable.
Somemore it is from Espirit so i bought it.
Who knows because I took it from the promotion zone and this rabbit tee only left one, I paid without checked the price tag on the tee cause in my mind it cost RM69.90.

And at the end, cashier get Rm99.90 from mummy when she paid.
I am so stunned and the cashier show me the price tag that it actually cost that much. =.=
So regret my goodness !!!!
Buy that simple white colour rabbit tee with that price, not worth at all. T_T
The sales girl still explain to me that because this tee is limited edition so is not included in the promotion.
I wonder why they still hang the shirt there if this shirt is excluded from all kind of promotion. =.=

I swear i will checked the price tag carefully next time before I paid!!!
I swear!!!
Sorry mummy. >.<

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I found out that I lost most of the pictures of my secondary school life. Aiks.
Since last time I saved my pictures in my desktop and no backup file at all, and once my desktop broke down and I need to format it over and over again, all my pictures gone. T_T

So in this few days, I kept log in to Friendster website and try my very best to search my memories.

p/s: Another way for me to make myself look busy since I am still a vagrant. >.<

Pretty girls at the age of 16.
We were going to attend a dinner night organized by Leo forum in Penang.
I wonder why I dare to wear that gaun that time. =.=
Someone told me I looked like a bride and at first I was so happy, but when I knew that I had to wear this super long gaun and walk for a long distance on my high heels to the dinner place, I was like.... GOSH! ==
Some more the dinner is not held in a classy ballroom, but.....
Look at the picture below.

Ya. This is where the dinner held.=.=
A place where full of sands rocks and grasses.
My gaun totally do not match with the place. Aha.
Look at the girl behind us who only wear t-shirt and jeans...
I felt that myself are way too over. >.<

This is another theme dinner in the night of second day.
Spot me?
We are from Leo Club of Ave Maria Convent.Peace.
I am happy that I found this picture. ;)

My babes and I. Still at the age 16.
Did we change much?
I think most of us still look the same. Aha.
Good isn't it?
We are still young. Wee~

This picture took at the age 17.
My friends said I had never change my hairstyle since form one until now.
The same short fringe and the same long straight hair. >.<
Anyway I dye my hair recently. ;)
Consider a small change right?

Genting 3D2N trip with my besties after graduate from form 5.
I wonder after I experienced such cold winter in Italy for one month, will I still feel cold when I walking on the street in Genting?
Maybe no. >.<

My two babies. This is my room.
They always overnight in my house last time to rush and prepare things for the Leo function on next morning.
I miss those times which we always worked together and stayed awake till midnight.

My another two babies.
Although last time I am not that slim but compare to now....
Start from now onwards, I am on DIET!!

Last time we often went hiking together in the early morning. :D

Form five dinner night which held in our school.
Some of us wore casual attire because we were performers of that night. =p

-Genting trip-

Schooling day.
This picture help me to recall back a lot of precious memories last time.

After hiking.
Most of us sweat a lot hur. >.<

These are all the pictures that I able to find from Friendster.
I wish I can find more and more in the following days.
Wish me luck.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


我说是我们相见恨晚 你却说为爱我不够勇敢

我说是我们相见恨晚 你却说为爱我不够勇敢

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Friends Forever

Had a girls' outing with all my babies few days ago in Oh Sushi at De garden.
Even we can't meet that often like last time in secondary school, but we can still have endless topic to chat each time we meet.
I love you girls so much. xoxo

May our friendship last forever
May I sail upon your sea

May we go through life together
May there always be a "we"

May you be my endless sky
May you breathe my gentle air

May you never wonder why
Each time you look for me, I am there.

May we be for each a smile
Like the warm, life-giving sun

Yet when we are in pain a while
May our suffering be one

May we share our special days
The happiness of one for five

And if we must go separate ways
Let my love remain with you all

I will be there
When you feel lonely or frightened
When you feel hopeless

I will be there
When you feel broken hearted
When you are in difficult times

I will be there
When you fall
When you need a hug
When you need some love

Real friends are those who walk in when the rest of the world walk out your life

We all take different paths in life
But no matter where we go
We take a little of each others everywhere

How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to.

A circle is round it has no end
That's how long I want to be your friend

Friendship is like war
Easy to start Hard to stop Impossible to forget

Best friends are always better than Boyfriends!!

Friendship Forever Babe!


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pupu's Birthday Celebration

Happy Belated Birthday post for my idol, Mr.Pupu.
As the one and only of his loyal fans, I wish him all the best in this new year 2011. =)
And...... I always love him very much. xoxo

p/s: Mrs.Pupu don't get angry if you read this post.I always love him as fans. XD

This is the birthday boy, PUPU.
I knew him at the start of 2010 as he is one of my classmates and he sat behind of me.
At first I don't really like him much because he always order me to do this do that and made me feel so annoying. Aha.
Sorry idol. =p
But then I find out that he is actually a kind boy who always willing to help others. =D

Few days ago, we organized a birthday celebration for him in San Francisco Steak House which is Nicole's working place.

Outfit of the night.
Dress - Mango.

Pretty Nicole Babe.
She have to work that night so we can't really have fun together. =(

Lamb rib which the birthday boy ordered.
Taste good. =D

Rib Eye Steak that I ordered.
I felt extremely full when I finished the whole plate of this.
Anyway, the mashed potatoes taste weird.
I don't really like

The only picture of me with nic baby that night.
She is kinda busy. >.<

The weird yet sweet couples.
Only lulu able to let tien eek smile.xoxo

Jac baby and me.
We camwhore the whole night using my G-12.

This glass of beer is free.
The big boss of San Francisco treat everyone in the restaurant for one round.=D

Me and Mr.Charcoal.
Anyway he look fairer recently.
Is that because he work for whole day in a air-conditioner place nowadays? XD

Another pair of lovely couples.
How sweet.

Ah soh and me.
He is my driver that night who responsible to fetch me home.
Thank you ah soh. ^^

Baby twinsy and me.
She look fairer and slimmer day by day.
Idk why. ==

Camwhore with Jac baby in restroom.
I have no idea why but restroom forever is the best place for girl to camwhore.

The only picture of me with my idol, the birthday boy. =D
Anyway his hair looks weird. LOL

The cute bear bear birthday cake which main to smash pupu.
Pity bear.

The real birthday cake.
Marble cheese cake from Secret Recipe.

The Ralph Lauren polo-T from us.

The sexy underwear from Jonathan. =D


Group picture- Take 1.

...and Take 2.

Again, Happy Belated Birthday pupu.
Don't forget to help me celebrate my birthday in August. lol
And I am waiting for your souvenir from Paris. Aha.
p/s: No chocolate please.
Have a nice trip.

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