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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Orientation camp in NTU

I miss my hometown seriously. Since the first day I came to Singapore, I keep searching for the public holidays which actually can let me go home.
But luckily, in Singapore, I found my second home.
That's is MSA- Malaysian Student Association in NTU.
I met a lot of new friends here and I actually took part in most of the activities which organized by this association.
Finally, I got the motivation to blog about my orientation camp in NTU. :)

Playing ice-breaking game so that we can get to know our group members better since we are going to be in a team for the following days. :)

Practicing our group "Boom" cheer.

~We boom~
~We are we are we are boom~
~Boom are boom are boom are we~
~We are boom, boom are we~
~We are..... SALACIA~
Yeah Salacia is my group's name. :D

Well, station game start.
Guess what kind of game is this?

Wow. Joey was trying so hard to reach something.

Yeah. We have to step behind a yellow line and try to take the cup which fill with water  up.
My hand is not long enough  :(

Group picture.
Say cheese.

Another station game which tie all of us together.
There are actually few more station games but I am way too lazy to post the picture so...
Overall, it is super fun!

Another interesting activity in this orientation camp is that all of us actually have our own "secret partner".
The first thing that those committee want us to do is to write a letter to our secret partner and also D.I.Y origami for them.
My name in this game is Elizabeth and my secret partner called "Jack Sparrow". LOL

After the seniors help us to send the letter to each other,  I can saw different emotions appeared in my girlfriends' face.
Some are shy and some are emotionless and some are looking forward to have a handsome secret partner. ;)

Then, the game started.
Those boys need to come and approached we girls and guess who is his secret partner.

They have to do all these kind of funny things if they cannot guess the correct one. LOL

Some even have to take off their shirt. >.<

Then, I found my secret partner.
Or should I say, Elizabeth's Jack Sparrow? :p

Look at Leong Chee Fai punya "yong sui" look. Haha

During the camp, we also had some activities which held outside NTU.
So, me and my groupmates were taking MRT to go Sentosa.

Our lovely picture under the hot sun.

Playing game. :)

Took in MRT station. :p

We even offered free hug in Orchard. LOL

The best group picture in Universal studio.

Ghosts. Our drama title is horror.
That's why. Haha

End this short post with Jen Huey's scary picture. >.<
Good night everyone.

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Friday, August 26, 2011


有时候,感觉真的蛮累的…… :(


要把自己养胖胖再回去,因为那里的食物不怎么好吃 :(

我懂我懂他们也一定很想我 :p

我每分每秒都感觉到满满的爱 :)


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


To ensure that my blog is not dead yet, I am going to blog a short one today.
I am thinking what to blog for quite a long time since my life in NTU here is so dry and bored. :(
I miss home seriously and I am going back to Malaysia the day after tomorrow.
So... Yeah!!!
Okay back to the topic, I found some pictures in my G12 baby which I never upload.
So I am going to upload some of them here to share with you guys. :)

Dang dang dang dang~
Xinyi in her bathrobes. :D
Without knowing why, I love bathrobes.
I used to have one last time at home but then it is actually kinda troublesome to wear it at home after bath because it is like doing extra work.
That means I have to wear it, walk out from my bathroom into my bedroom which is actually connected, then take off my bathrobes and wear my shirt. =.=
Did it for quite some time then I just dump the bathrobes away. LOL
But everything is different when you are in a 5stars hotel.
I wear the bathrobes all the time and refused to walk out of my hotel room. LOL
so lame =.=

This is the hotel I stayed once I reached Singapore.
I stayed here for 2 nights before I checked in to my hostel.
 This hotel is strongly recommended because it is actually located just beside a shopping centre.
p/s: Such an important thing for girls especially shopaholic me :p

Me. Flowers.
I looked so fat in this picture. :(((
My mummy not a good photographer hahahaha.

Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore.

The group pictures.
The man is actually  my aunt's friend.
Uncle. Aunt. Xinyi. Mummy.

Then, i started my new life in NTU.
With my best best best best friend Xinyi as my room mate.

Took this picture in the first day of school. :D

My bed.
Full of miao miao cartoon ;)
And spot the little ladybug?
I brought it all the way from Malaysia to NTU.
Can't live without it lol. :p
Alright I just crap. 
This is twinsy's bed.
Full of miao miao too.
Hello Kitty.
But her miao miao no mouth. lol

Went to bbq recently and took some pictures that night.

Well, this three gentlemen were promoting the alcohol I think. =.=
Drinks of the night are mainly liquor.
My two poor little girls who seldom drink get drunk very fast.

Pictures of the night.
Jen huey and I.

We three.

That's all for this post.
Decide to update a little bit about my orientation camp here in NTU but that post takes time.
So... Stay tune. :D

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I officially turned into a 20 years old girl on 9th of August. :)
This is the first year which my family din celebrate together with me as I am far away from them.
Anyway, I still received a lot of warm and heart-melts messages from all my love one and friends in Malaysia.
Thank you. ( p/s: tears dropping )

My groupmate sang me a birthday song around 12.
My birthday started and I said goodbye to 19 years old with my watery eyes.

And I got a kiss from my pretty girl Rachael.
( p/s: and also my twinsy <3 )

As my birthday falls on last day of camp, I din get to go out and celebrate my birthday  with my gang.
But still, I received a mini cute hippo birthday cupcake from my Salacia groupmate.
Touching >.<

I like this hippo so much.
It is actually a ring.

With the boys.

And with my girls.
Love xoxo.

Made a wish before I blow off the candle.
I am not a greedy person so I only made three wishes. :p

As you can see from the picture, my eyes are so small with big eye bags. :(
 I cant get enough sleep throughout the 5days camp and this is the consequence.
So sad.
Anyhow, now is getting better and better.

First bite of the cupcake. :)
Yummy ~
All the pictures credit to the photographer of Salacia. :D

Just a short blog entry to keep my blog alive.
Will blog more frequent. :)
Once again, thank you for all those who wished me through any kind of media.
Heart you guys. <3 Best Blogger Tips