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Friday, December 17, 2010

The night before Italy

Off to Italy tonight =)
I feel so excited but yet start to have a little bit homesick even I haven't leave yet.
Abit worry that I can't adapt to such cold weather of Italy since my host sister told me Italy 's temperature is around zero degree in her area now. >.<
Gosh. I can have flu easily in Malaysia this warm country and I can't imagine how cold is that in Italy.
Zero degree? Am I gonna freeze? O.M.GGGGGGG
Anyway. I think this is an once in a lifetime experience for me and I am looking forward for my first white Christmas. xoxo =)
But so sad this year I can't celebrate with my family and friends.
Will try to update my bloggie as much as I can in Italy. =)
Don't miss me. LOL ==
The estimate time I reach Italy will be tomorrow evening =)
Will be back in three weeks times. ^^

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

OOOOOOhhhhhh Sushi =)

Yesterday went Oh Sushi located in De Garden with my two sisters. Xoxo
p/s: mummy say she is my elder sister. LOL

Once I stepped into this restaurant, my first impression is that the decoration is so classy. =)
And all the staffs are so polite with a big smile on all of their faces.

My younger sister and me =)

Menu of Oooohhhh Sushi. Aha.

There is also rotating belt here to let you pick any sushi you like.
But whole night I never see a single plate of sushi being taken by any customer.
Wondering why. ==

Decoration of this restaurant. =)

Set of dinner which my mummy order. Oopps. I mean my elder sister ordered this. =p
The sizzling chicken is so finger-licking with tempura served together.
The food here is nice thou its price is abit expensive.
This cost her 30++

At first I only took the picture of the food but then mummy request me to took one for her.
Aha. So I force to.... =p
She look beautiful even have no makeup at all on her face. lol

Close up to the yummy sizzling chicken. =)

Close up to tempura.

Alright my younger sister ordered this.
Her favorite as she said she came to this restaurants few times before and every time she ordered back the same thing. ==

close up.
Kind of appetizers with sauce.
Mummy love this. <3

Aha. Here it is.
The meal that I ordered.
p/s: which is the most expensive one compare to food which two of them ordered. Ngek ngek ngek. =DDD
Seafood teppanyaki set.

Close up.
Can you see how big is the prawn? >.<
There are also big scallops just I din snap it into this picture.

That's all the limited food I intro here.
Will be intro more next time when I go again. =)
p/s: Probably no need to wait so long. =DDD

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina

Oh gosh, look at the calendar and I found out that is only half month left for Christmas to reach.
I am wayyyyy TOOO excited!!!
~Lalala~ Santa Claus is coming~~~

I wish to attend a nice party that night. =)

Let see what shall I prepare.
No! I have alot of nice dresses to attend party.

I even bought little Christmas's hat ages ago.
Hmmm... So what else?
I seem left out something very important.

Oh gosh!!!
I forgot about the most important thing!!!
Christmas's present for my dear parents!!!!
No wayyyyy!!
I don't think I have enough time to prepare. >.<

What should I do?
I don't even have any single idea about what should I buy?? Oh no~

Oh please~ Think faster!
I need a suitable present for my lovely parents as this year I will be celebrate my Christmas in Italy and this is the first time I am not beside them during Christmas.

Open my little treasure box and take out my saving.
Sigh~ I don't have enough money to afford expensive present.

Maybe the coins can help abit. >.<
Where can I get good quality and affordable present??

Alright, maybe I can try to search online to look for more informations and opinions.
Go go go~

Eehhhhh~ What is this?????

Oh no! I can't believe it.
There are such many pretty and nice stuff and most IMPORTANT is.....
there are all affordable even for student like me who is not working!!!
Is that possible???

Yes!!! Finally I know where to purchase this year Christmas's present for my daddy and mummy.

Love every items sell in Jipaban and I really don't know which to choose.

Did you guys and girls face the same problem as me that is don't know where to purchase nice and cheap stuff?
Let me introduce to you about Jipaban.
Jipaban is one of the biggest online shopping mega mall in Asia.

You can find any categories of products here such as clothing, books, fashion accessories and etc.
You can even find different kind of branded handbag sell in this website.

First, what you need to do is log in to Jipaban.
You need to sign up for an account so that you can shop easier here.

You can see from the picture that there are really over thousand kind of dresses, jumpsuit and etc sell here.

And all are so so so ULTIMATE pretty.
I wish I can have all . >.<

There are also load of cute and adorable toys sell in Jipaban.
Finally, I decided to purchase this as the Christmas's present for my parents.

Da dang~ This is Duffy and Shelliemay marine key chain from
Anyone don't know them?

Close up.
Duffy and Shelliamay is a pair of sweet couple and there are only available in
Disney Sea located in Tokyo.
This item is actually two key chains and of course mummy and daddy
each person one.

The reason I choose this for my daddy and mummy is because:

1) I love them!!!! ( I know this is lame)

2) This year Christmas is actually also their 20 years anniversary since their marriage in 1990
so I plan to give this couple key chain for them to wish them love each other more and more
in the following years.

3) This is the first year I am not with them during Christmas as I said I will be in Italy so I hope that they can look at the key chain when they miss me. =)

4) I wish that they will think of each other too when they look at the key chain.

5) The main reason to exchange present during Christmas is to show our love and care so, I
wish I can show my lovely parents my love and care in this special celebration. xoxo

Lalala~ Santa Claus is coming~~


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Tuesday, December 7, 2010






我只是不想要今晚带着苦瓜脸入睡…… >.<

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Magic car -_-

Hi everyone.
A very good morning =)
Ya I know now is almost noon but... Seriously I just woke up. =D
I had a very nice sleep whole night and a very sweet dream. Oh my gosh~
The dream gonna make me diabetes whenever I think about it. =p
p/s: secret secret secret~

Although now is almost noon but the sunlight still so soft and warm=)
I am sitting on my bed and just brushed my teeth and washed my face.>.<
And I decided to blog about something funny that my lil brother showed me just now.

Second picture of me.
Alright actually I am just self-loving and that dictionary is not related to this post. =p
Anyway honestly I use it to cover my pimple. Ahaha.
Cause my pimple is so obvious in the first picture. =(

Ya this is the funny thing that I am gonna show you guys and girls.
What do you think it is?
When my brother show me I thought this is just his new toy or decoration thing or whatever.
But then I found out........

It is actually a magic car. -_-

See! I accidentally press a button then the light shoot out.
Oh my goodness.
And i found that the thing shoot out is actually.....

Two pencil !!

Second thing is I found a colourful eraser keep in the bonnet there.
So cool.

If you don't like that colour, you can just take it out.

Put another eraser inside.
Dang dang! Pokemon!! -_-

Then I found out I can actually pull out the car plate.
Guess what is it??
I think you can never guess it correctly unless you saw this thing before.

Dang dang~ It is a sharpener.
I start to think that this car is so useful.
And i thought that's it.
But then.......

Wow. The car roof can open~

Ya I think I can put some paper clips inside. =)
The person who design this car really a genius.

Alright this is the back of the car.

And ya. Again the car plate at the back can be pulled out and I decided to put some more paper clips inside.

The funniest thing is that suddenly I found out even that black colour thing above that car plate can be pull out.
p/s: I don't know what is that part of car called. =p
And guess what is it???

Dang dang dang dang~ A scissors !!!
I love the design of this car so much and the idea of the designer is so good.
My lil brother told me he gonna bring that car to school and when teacher scold him for bringing toy to school, he gonna show the teacher that is actually a very useful office tools.-_-

Time to go.
Agree of what I said?
This can really consider as a magic car. =p
Buai Buai everyone and have a nice day. =)

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