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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My day ~

Yesterday went shopping with sista, aunt and cousin.
Bought alot of stuff because every shop having sale.
I am a shopaholic~ Hohoho~

Take this picture in Padini fitting room.
This is new arrival but because my cousin Nick have a 30% discount voucher so I bought it with a so worth price.=D

Aunt and cousin Nick.
We are having our meal in Black Canyon.

After six days break for STPM, tomorrow finally I have to go back school for Chemistry Paper 2 test.
So that's mean today is "THE DAY" before Chemistry.
Before this day come, I have thought for various possibility.
Because I know that Chemistry is my weakest subject and I am so worry that this subject will drag my result down if I get C or even D.
I thought I must be so nervous, so panic and so stress on this day.
But surprisingly I am so relax. -_-

Just back from a short date with my babies and now I am sitting in front my lappie and blog.

I am on the way driving to meet my babies.
This cloth look familiar?
Aha. I just bought it yesterday and I wear it out today. LOL

She is preparing my drink. =)

Baby chris.

A variety of choices for drinks.


I think this one is a kind of import noodle from Taiwan.
Not sure. >.<
But Chris said this food contain zero calories.
Ya! ZERO!!
Aha. Mean you can eat a lot but won't gain weight at all.

Steam burger. Aha.
So healthy right?

Salty chicken. This is not really the real chicken because the food in this shop are all suitable for vegetarian to eat.
No meat at all.

A typical Taiwan style Pearl Tea.
Taste good although it is a bit different from the pearl tea that we usually get to buy in Ipoh.

My fruit tea. Forgot the name. >.<

My sweetie twinsy. She become more and more skinny nowadays and she is trying her very best to gain weight. >.<
I wish I can be like her. jealous jealous jealous~

Alright, another baby. Miss Bear. I help her took several pictures just now and she is trying her very best to look decent.

GOsh. Do you guys and girls think that she is successful?

Anyway, it is a good try.
Support you bear. Xoxo

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Sunday, November 28, 2010


A boring Sunday~
I felt so relax the whole day and just kept on follow mummy went here went there shopping. XD
This coming Wednesday I have to sit for Chemistry paper 2 and I know Chemistry is my weakest subjects among all but then I am still so calm even for now. >.<
idk why.

Hi everyone. Today is a sunny Sunday. Love the warm sunlight early in the morning.
Although I wish to be as fair as I can but I believe sunlight before 11am is good for our skin.
Aha. Rich of vitamin E.
True right? =)

Someone told me pose like this can make your face look smaller.
Anyway I don't think it works.
How to become a Miss V-shape face?
I wonder.

See. I am kept trying.
Aha. My fingers successfully cover my face by i think.... least 30percent. =p

I seem addicted to this kind of pose which let my fingers stick on my face.

Outfit of the day. T-shirt from SUB. =)

Oh gosh. My face really chubby.

A lame post to tell you all that I am still alive. =p
Sometime really felt guilty because I seem update more often during STPM exam period than last time. >.<

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Barbie's story

Barbie doll is every girls' best friend during childhood time.
We help barbie to comb her hair, change a nice dress and a pair of nice heels.
Barbie is always sweet and lovely for everyone of us.
But today, I found some of the evil Barbies on the net. -_-

Oh! Can you guys and girls recognise her?
She is no more a slim and pretty barbie.
Indeed, she is HUGE. >.<

This must be a naughty Barbie.
O.M.G She is pregnant.
Barbie is going to become a mummy.

See! Barbie is in danger.
Alright cool down. She is trying to die together with...
Hmm... I guess with the boy who dump her. =p

Oh my goodness. Barbie just born her baby in the toilet.
I think she still dare not to let her parents know about it. >.<

No way. There are too many tattoo on her body.
Bad Barbie!

Wow.Barbie become a zombie!!!!
She looks really scary.>.<
Quick RUN!!

Oh~ This must be a drunk Barbie who just reach home after whole night clubbing.

Offensive Barbie? -_-

So sad. She become so old.
Anyway old Barbie still look pretty.LOL

Drug-taker Barbie? Aha.
This is funny.

This is a gangster family. A smoking Barbie bringing her children out to buy alcohol and cigarettes.Aha.
So cute.

Have you ever seen this kind of Barbie before? LOL.
He... Erm i mean SHE is sexy. Wee~

Pity Barbie. She is sitting on a electric chair and preparing to undergo electrocution.
Bye Barbie. T_T

That's all.
I know this post is lame . -_-
Aha. Anyway just wanna share some funny pictures that I discover just now.
Tata everyone. =)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mr.Green. My love aka my pain.

Mr.Green aka Volume 2,
I know you must be a male because that is too much of electrical's theories in you.
I don't think I need to know what is the characteristic of a neutrino and quartz. -_-
Why should I learn up, down, charmed and all that?

Mr.Green, I surrender. You made me become almost sluggish. =(

I read you N times before. This picture is the prove to show your condition.
But why I still can't fully understand you?
You are way too complicated sometimes.
I thought I am your best friend but you always change to different kind of questions to test me.
And ya, I always find out I need to read you once more.

I am gonna buried by you, Mr. Green.
On this bed which I used to lie on it and study at home. =(

Please~ Let's tell me everything about you and we left 14 hours.
Ya, 14 hours.
I swear I will try my best to remember every tiny things in you.
This is my last chance. >.<

Mr.Green, let take a picture with me.
We left not much time being together. =)
And gosh, I am so happy with this.

Alright, I know 14 hours later I need to sit for a ultimate important exam for me.
But god know why I am now here in front of my lappie and write blog.
Oh daddy mummy~ Please forgive me. >.<
I am going to vomit if I continue to swallow all the Physic's theory. =(
Phew~ Just let me rest for half an hour will do.

Ukimono accompany me to prepare for exam. =)

Alright, this is my lovely Patrick.
Took several pictures just because I am trying to capture with different modes. XD

I look so pale. T_T

See how big is Patrick's head. Ahaha.

Can anyone teach me how to look sexy with this pose?
Hmm... I had tried many times but never success before.

Half an hour passed.
Mr.Green, I am coming.

p/s: Hope all my camwhore aka self-loving pictures did not hurt your eyes. AHa.

Buai buai. <3

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Day one of STPM

Hooray~ Finally finished off the first paper that is Pengajian Am Kertas 2.
And now, I am looking forward for Physics Paper 2 which fall on this coming Thursday. >.<
Panic and nervous!! O.M.G.
Gonna immerse myself in Physic's world in this two days time.
Reach home at 11 something just now and I am so free to put on all the clothes that I bought few days ago to take some pictures. =p
I am way too free huh?

Have a look.Da dang!!
This is one set of the clothes that I gonna wear in Italy next month as there will be around -1 to 10 degree during winter.

This is the clothes that I have to wear in indoor. =)
I love my white hat. =DD
Gonna buy one more hat with cartoon. XD

Benefit of wearing winter attire is that can cover all the fat parts of the body.
But it make me look so HUGE. Aha.

Should I keep my fringe inside the hat?Aha.
Although it made me looks weird.

I wish to buy a dress with long sleeves like this so that I can wear it during Christmas.
But I cant found any in Ipoh.
Gonna rush to KL to shop for it right after STPM. =D

And ya, wish to buy a pair of boots too.
But I don't think I can wear here in Malaysia. LOL

Their boots are so nice match with their jeans and dress. >.<

But long boots or short one?
Buy in Malaysia or Italy?
Hmm....No idea. >.<

Offline to go and study Physic now.
Good luck to all STPM candidates. =)

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