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Friday, October 1, 2010

I skip school today !!

Skip school today. =p
This morning date my babies and went shopping.
We want to do the last preparation for our sixth form night which fall on next saturday so that we can look good.Aha.
Walk around to buy some accessories to match with my blue dress but unfortunately I only found a ring.
Anyway, got better than none.
Here are some pictures below. Enjoy reading.=)

Driving home~Look extremely tired after shop for whole day.
I need rest!

Waraku japanese restaurant which situated in Ipoh Garden East and opposite Woodoo.
First time been here. =)
We come here to have our lunch today after shopping in De garden.

Promotion of set lunch. All cost only RM15. Wee~

While waiting for food, we camwhore alot. XP

Cute cute jac with miii.We are both in white. Wee~

My wives. Twinsy and bear bear.

7 of us having lunch together after shop in De Garden.
I bought a ring and 4 of us took some picture with the ring.
Have a look !

Alright, cute jac! She look really innocent in this picture right?
I wanna protect her!! LOL

My cute twinsy. Love her naughty weird pose.

Bear bear wear this ring to show her sexy style. Does she really look sexy? LOL
I think ya!

Take 1 !! Love this pose. Haha

Take 2! Whee~

Take 3 !! <3

The only boy who accompany we girls to shop around today and non-stop give us opinion.

What can I say? Let me introduce to you the crazy nicole, err, no, i mean the shopaholic Nicole, Ahh, it is not true, here you are, the Pretty nicole. Aha.
She wearing the rings she bought today. =p

Twinsy wearing my sunglasses. The red color glasses match her polo-t perfectly. LOL

Bear's set. This set cost her only RM15.So cheap!!

Close up to the soup. Main meal of bear's set. According to her, there are prawn, scallop and etc in the soup. Well, the soup is nice. It doesn't taste like what it look like. AT first I thought it might be spicy or sour like tomyan soup, but then actually it taste more like prawn soup which taste a bit spicy. NICE!!

My lunch today.The whole set only cost me RM15.Doesn't it cheap?

Close up to the salmon with rice.Oh can you imagine how tasty is it?Fall in love to japanese food recently. Especially SALMON!!

Delicious potato salad. I love this. <3

Zoom in to the watermelon. Wow. Sweet and juicy. LOL

Alright. This is lulu's food. A big piece of unagi with rice. Goodness! My saliva is dropping out. Haha!Of course, this is not in the list of the set lunch.

Alright, just a short post.
Got to off soon.

Good night everyone. Muaxie. =p

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