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Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a girl need

Finally, this week almost come to the end.
Tomorrow is Friday and it is a school holiday! Hooray!
I know I suppose to write here to tell you guys that I feel sad because I lose an opportunity to gain some new knowledges from teachers,
But... I will like to be honest to you all and myself. =D
I love HOLIDAY my goodness.
Definition of Holiday by Chan Xin Yi : A day for a person to wake up only after 10 in the morning and return to sleep immediately after take brunch.
Yeepee~ I love brunch.
It make me feel that I look slimmer on that particular day because skip one meal although I know the truth is not as what I think. =p
Today feel like share some of my skincare products here.
I read an article and the writer say a girl who have three times skincare products than cosmetic only consider is successful.
It is because what a girl really need is not how she look like after make up, but is the way she take care of her skin and still look pretty without anything apply on her face.
I totally agree with this statement as i think everyone can look pretty with the assist of cosmetics but not everyone can look beautiful and elegant at the moment she wake up every morning if she din take good care of her skin. =D
So here are some skincare products that belong to me. xoxo

This is the daily products that I use. First one is cleansing gel, follow by toner and moisturizer smoothing cream. Three of them are from Dermalogica.
You know what? I call this Magic Pimple Gel.
Everytime when you find that your face start to grow pimple, just apply this on it and the pimple will be dissappear in ONE day time. Love it so much. Daily microfoliant is a kind of cleansing and whitening products.
Everytime after wash face, just dispense about a half- teaspoon into very wet hands to create a creamy paste by rubbing hands together.
Then, apply to face in circular motions and massage gently for one minute.
Rinse off. This is also product from Dermalogica.
This is a whitening mask that I bought from Kose.
This mask is so..hmm...cute. Why I say so?
Because the mask is black in colour and it is a kind of tear-off mask.
Mean that after you apply the gel like mask on your face and wait for few minutes, you can just tear it off.
It is convenient and yet funny.
When you look at the mirror, you will just laugh non stop as your whole face look EXTREMELY black. =D
This is a kind of cleaning mask which I bought from Estee Lauder counter in Jusco.
Honestly I think Estee Lauder product more suitable for girls who are above 25 years old as it is expensive and their target group are not teenagers.
However I think I should recommend this sparkling clean mask.
This sparkling clean mask is also a deep cleansing mask.
Gently massage your skin with this mask and you will find that your face really feel fresh and clean after you rinse it.
This is a kind of brightening mask bought from Kose counter in Jusco.
The salesgirl told me that this mask is very popular in other countries as the slogan of this mask is it enable the one who use it always have ruddy complexion and it is very suitable for lazy people.
You only need to apply this mask for one minute and you can rinse it off. =)
Is it convenient? Somemore, spatula is provided.
This is the eye mask which I use it quite often.
The effect of this mask is not really obvious as I still have dark circles but I feel very comfortable when I apply this mask.
I usually use it when I feel that my eyes so tired. =)
This is one of the mask that I love most.
The reason I fall in love to this kind of mask is because it is cheap and I feel that my face is extremely moisture after I use this mask.
I bought this from Salsa and i heard from one of the salesgirl in Salsa that this mask will be having promotion start from 27th of August.
Normal price for this mask is RM33.90 but promotion price is RM50++ for 3 boxes. It is so worth and cheap. =D
This is one of the special thing of this mask. After you hang this mask on your ears, you can dance, jump up and down or even do some handstand. xoxo
This is a kind of body lotion which made from goat milk. I love the smell of this lotion so I use it every night before I sleep. Sure, I mean when I don't feel lazy to use it. =p

Alright, the end. Buai Buai.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

My hero

Oh well, i got back my chemistry test paper and math paper today.
My chemistry marks... can say is AS EXPECTED.
I am so weak in Chemistry and I really not able to handle it well.
Gosh, is there anyone willing to be my chemistry tutor? >.<
My target is actually so low.
I hope i can at least PASS in next trial.
Searching for an effective way to memorise all the reagents and conditions in Organic Chemistry..
Cheer everyone who did not hit your target in this trial. =)
Let try again at the end of October and score with flying color!!
Luckily everytime when i felt sad and moody, he is there for me all the time.
He is so sweet and caring.
He looks happy when i hug him and he looks excited when i sayang sayang him.
Although he is almost 6 years old and consider old,but he can still jump hyper high to get his food and me <3.
Hope that he can be with me forever.
My dear Jackie.
Love Yoooouuuuuuuuuu.
Everyone, say hi to my dear baby.
His name is Jackie Chan.
p/s:Chan is my sir name and his name is Jackie
Aha. He don't know kungfu but he can jump high and run fast.
He protect me and my family every day and night.
Still remember got one night a huge and long snake appear in my house and Jackie save our lives. =D
He is our hero.
You can never imagine how could such a small dog fight against the snake and bite it.
I am so proud that i have him.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Present from maria.
maria look like little mermaid! XD
Cameron Highland
brother and maria =p
3 of us in penang.
Sixth form farewell
KL =)

My host sister, Maria Korkeila just went back to Finland few days ago.
I miss her badly with a sad face each time i think of her.
She is such a cute and lovely girl and i miss the moments that we stay together everyday for the two weeks time.
Time passed by so fast as she already came Malaysia for one month and now she is in Finland again.
I still remembered the first day i go and get her from the Yoyo bus station,she looked so nervous as she took bus alone from KLIA to Ipoh at night.
After few days staying with her, I felt that she is a cute, lovely and yet special girl.
I brought her to a lot of places in Ipoh and for sure, vacation to Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Highland.
She totally fall in love to OLD TOWN white coffee. =)
I had promised her that i will deliver some to her after she finished drink that 3 big packet of white coffee that she brought back to Finland.
Miss you Maria !! <3

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