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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicole Chang ^^

pretty nicole

she is sexy

look gorgeous when she make up. =)

This is a big day!!!
For my dear sweet pretty girl Nicole! Muackz muackz!
Love you muchie muchie. =)

I know she must be so sad coz she gonna be 20 in year 2011.
However, sweet dear... Enjoy your 19 as well ya!

Need me to do a brief intro about who is Nicole?
I think no need right?
Anyone who study in Sam Tet don't know about her?
Aha... She got a nickname that is "xiao di di killer".
So...that is so easy for you to find her name in lower form classroom 's table. =p

She love perfume. ( especially Chanel )
I think she is craving for Chanel's perfume right now.
Or...maybe craving for someone who use Chanel perfume?
LOL! Who knows?

She love heels and dress as well.
That is a must for her if she want to go for clubbing.
And yeah, she is clubbing queen.
Maybe now she is temporarily retired and determine to be a good student,
but don't worry,
she will try her best to go clubbing whenever there is a chance. =p
Am i right Nicole? LOL

Somemore, she is a queen in the class.
All boys in U6F2 are under her control.
Whoever make her feel beh syok, please ready to let her punch till she feel syok. =D
Tham Wai Hung torture by her everyday in class but seem he is enjoying it.

Nicole, Happy Birthday to you.
Hope you have a sweet 19th birthday.
Heart you.

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I miss you my pencil case =(

It is not the first time,and i wonder...
Will it be my last time?
Oh my godness!
My dear little baby pink pencil case get STOLEN =(
This is the second time i lost my thing in Sam Tet library since school reopen in January 2010.
How sad hur?
Library is a place for us to study and do revision.
Unfortunate someone take it as the place for him to TAKE something which not belong to him.
Or...should i use the word "steal"?
It is just so ridiculous.
I can said that i was totally stunned when i found that there was no pencil case in my bag when i return from lunch.
I should be more careful next time.
Nevertheless, thank Terwei for help me find my pencil case everywhere. =)

And, yeah..
Today just sat for Muet pre-test.
For me, this test is much more easier than March test.
At least i can PARTIALLY understand the question of essay and ASSUME that critical thinking refer to logical thinking. =p
phew~ Finally it passed.

Countdown for midyear exam,
one more month to go. >.<

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I m weak =(

I am becoming weaker and weaker =(
Feel so tired and stress doing something that i don't really know what is it for.
Everyday my life just fill up by homework and endless revision.
I don't know why i need to calculate the pH of acidic and base salt.
I don't know why i need to do a lot analysis on the research title "what makes people happy?"
I not sure whether is the direction of flow of force and magnetic field really influence my life?
I just totally fed up with myself.
Am i really that useless until i cant do what other people able to do?
Why cant i just stare at the books for at least one hour?
I wonder.
Everything just drive me crazy.
Especially CHEMISTRY!
Lots and lots question marks in my head.

Non-stop telling myself.
Be tough.
Half more year to go.

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