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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Rico A Mona, Shangri La Hotel, Inside The Knot, wedding journey

It has been months since I officially married to the Love of my Life. There is no significant difference before and after marriage, but I am happy to come home from work knowing that someone is there waiting for me. Cuddling time at night is the best time of the day, ever. And while I am writing this, someone is snoring beside me now. How to not smile when I look at his adorable face hugging the doll that we got while we dating, the first doll that he gave to me years ago.

Just want to share everything about my wedding journey here. I received a lot of comments asking me about Rico A Mona's bridal service and package that they offered me. I tried my best to reply each and every one of them but I am so sorry if those information is too late for some of you girls. Just to conclude, my experience with Rico is good. Not really super awesome kind that I need to keep on praise on their service, but not to deny that most if not all gowns that they design are near to perfect.

The pre-wedding shoot was quite smooth though tiring. My makeup artist is Miki and my photographer is Ben. Both of them did a good job that day. I paid for the additional top up so that Miki can tag along during the shoot to help me with the gown changing and create different looks to suit different gowns design. Miki is a nice and experienced makeup artist so I also hire her to be my actual day make up artist after the shoot. 

I actually had difficulty to choose which gown to wear during the pre-wedding shoot because there are really too many choices and all gowns seems perfectly gorgeous. But I realize one thing, the gown that looks drop dead gorgeous hanging there doesn't means that the gown fit you well haha.

I paid the additional top up so that I can bring back one gown back to Malaysia. This is the gown that I chose. Received lots and lots of compliments that day thanks to Rico.

These two are the gowns that I chose for actual day wedding in Singapore. I love the first gown so much to be honest. No regret to choose the gown as my March-In gown. It turns out to fit my wedding theme perfectly and everything that day is like a dream to me.

I hold my wedding at Shangri-La Orchard because I fell in love to their ballroom the very first time I been there. The ballroom itself is gorgeous and spacious, but all these decor are not their default setting. We hire a wedding decor team - Inside the Knot to help us with our banquet hall decoration. I told the team that I wanted cherry blossom theme for my wedding because my husband proposed to me in Japan during sakura full bloom, and our wedding was in April (still sakura season). And last but not least, who doesn't love that blush pink lovely flower. 

They did a really fantastic job that I almost cried that day when the door opens, and the song "Beautiful in White" started playing in the background, and I saw my husband standing there waiting for me. Everything is so perfect. Before the wedding, I kept telling myself that I must hold low expectation so that I will not disappoint myself if there is something turn out to be not up to my expectation. But I was wrong, everything is just perfect! Thanks hubby and thanks to the team for creating the dream wedding for me.

My band of the day. I love them so much that I have to ask them come to sing on my wedding. 

We got a photobooth for our guests so that they can have fun while waiting outside of the banquet hall enjoying their cocktails. The quality of the photo priniting is pretty satisfying.

We got to choose the background for the booth and the team helped to customize the photo template to match with our wedding theme. We decided to go with the simple layout with our name and wedding date on it. :D

I think our guests had a lot of fun!
Received lots of compliments on the wedding decor and the live band. Live band is really a plus point for our wedding, we are glad that we invited our favourite band. :D

That's a short summary of my wedding journey. Hope all brides to be have fun planning your own wedding. :D

Drop me comments if there is anything you would like to ask. :)

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