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Saturday, April 14, 2018

April 2018

Almost forgot this little space of mine that I used to come here and record down all my little girl's thought and thing that I feel worth sharing in my life.

Life is getting busier and busier, especially after I enrolled into NUS master program. The countless assignments and group projects are driving me crazy. Having my final exam in two weeks time but I still have 3 group projects on hand now is seriously insane. Just keep telling myself that everything will be over soon, and a month time from now I will be in Kyoto. Yay. A long-awaiting break for me and panda. We both need a getaway seriously to run away from all the work stress, exam stress and house reno stress.

I was very excited in the beginning when we were about to start our house renovation thingy and started getting inspiration online from Qanvast and Pinterest, so on and so forth. But the more we exposed to the whole renovation idea thing, the more we realised how expensive it is to have a dream house of our own.

So well, now we gave up! Haha. We just wanna complete the renovation project within our budget and if that means that our house will turn out to be ugly, so be it.  Our current aim is just reno the house with all the basic thing that we will need in order to shift in, such as electrical work , plumbing, some fixtures that cannot buy off the shelves, and we are done!

The rest, I will do it. LOL. I will be the creative director of the house and furnish it with thing that make the house extremely chio even without expensive renovation. #fullofconfident

To be honest, if I am free, I will do the renovation myself. lol. Manage contractor and sub-con is what a civil engineer good at. *wink*

Okay that's all for today. Buh-bye.

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